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    Wondering about someone we know who is aging, memory is not as good as it was, maybe cant be responsible for finance, house doors etc.

    What should be done?

    If spouse is not available to care for such a person, and no possibility to get aid from state, who should take care of such a person? do children usually take a parent in? (needs lot of attention/ supervision)

    Nursing home seems to me to be cruel when someone still goes to shul, has interset in friends etc.

    Would appreciate all comments!


    Is there any financial possibility of an Assisted Living Facility?


    its hard to say put the person into a home, however if their child wont take them in and they are in danger living alone , then a good fum nursing home is better than possibly causing a fire or something living alone.

    research should be done to find a good place. there are some out there. not many, but some


    Might be worthwhile to have a session with a geriatric social worker just to review the options. Also, I don’t know your circumstances but a lawyer with geriatric specialty can sometimes help in petitioning the state for financial aid.


    and also protecting their assets.

    for the record, anyone who receives holocaust reparations can have a substantial portion of money protected and not counted as their assets in order to receive benefits or enter a nursing home without spending all their money


    Why are you assuming that the children are not involved?


    when a person has some udnerstanding of whats going on, enjoys a good shiur, a chavrusa, social experience with old friends on the block, how can you tell them they are not well and send them to assisted living? would distroy their simchas hachayim, hope, future.

    Bt doing so you are stating “life is over….”

    Do kids usually take in parents in such situations?

    when body is OK, its the mind that shows sign of age…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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