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    Was there a thread about this already? I was not there, but did read the Hamodia coverage of it, and found 2 things I think deserve special mention.

    Can someone please revive the thread if its already out there?


    What are the things?


    The first one was a presentation by Rabbi Wallerstein:

    He held up a bottle of what appeared to be Polanf Spring water and asked, “what brocha is made on this?” Everyone says, shehakol.

    He says, you’re all wrong. Asks someone to come up and sniff the contents, which turns out to be vinegar (on which no brocha is made if drank).

    Lesson: Look beyond the label (read: don’t judge people by their exteriors)

    The 2nd presentation was by Shloimi Dachs who spoke about the challenges of growing up with divorced parents (which he lived thru personaly). A very well written piece, but the ending was what floored me. He said, “if anyone wants to call me for chizuk or ideas on how to cope, I’m always available”

    Its not every day you see an offer like that from someone so accomplished. Lots of people give of their money; really special people give of their time.


    A bit of cynicism to balance this out.

    Not judging based on exterior doesn’t mean being an idiot. Not assuming a bottle of water contains water makes you an idiot (which is why nobody guessed it).


    Shloimy and his wife are real mentchin who give back to the community.

    John Doe

    What’s the agudah?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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