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    Menachem Shmei

    If we wish a good and happy chodesh every Rosh Chodesh, how much more so on Rosh Chodesh MENACHEM Av!

    Nowadays, in golus, this is the saddest month of the year, but as soon as Moshiach comes, we will be COMFORTED (hence the name MENACHEM Av) and it will be a month of great simcha.

    Let’s add in Torah and mitzvos (especially ahavas chinam – to be מכפר for the incident of קמצא בר קמצא) and daven that this indeed happens this year, so that instead of fasting, we will celebrate Tisha B’av as the greatest Yom Tov, the birthday of Moshiach.

    רמב”ם סוף הלכות תעניות:
    הם עתידים להיות ימים טובים וימי ששון ושמחה
    The fast days will be Yomim Tovim and days of joy and happiness.

    שולחן ערוך או”ח סתקנ”ט ס”ד:
    אין אומרים תחנון ולא סליחות בתשעה באב ואין נופלין על פניהם משום דאקרי מועד
    Tachanun is not said on Tishah B’Av since it is called “moed.”

    ירושלמי ברכות פ”ה ה”ד:
    יליד מלכא משיחא
    On Tishah B’Av was the birth of Melech Hamoshiach.

    במדבר רבה פי”ג, ה בסופו:
    אף היא אינה צרה אלא שמחה שבו ביום נולד מנחם
    Tishah B’Av is not a tzarah, rather a simcha, because on that day Menachem was born.

    Reb Chayim Vital in the name of the Arizal:
    The reason why we say the pesukei nechama (i.e. Nachem) in Mincha of Tishah B’Av is because at that time was the birth of Moshiach who is called “Menachem.”
    כי אז במנחת ט”ב נולד המשיח הנקרא מנחם.
    (ברכ”י או”ח סתקנ”ט אות ז)

    משנת חסידים סוף מס’ תמוז ואב:
    We say kiddush levanah on Motzoei Tishah B’av since on TB Menachem was born.
    מפני שבתשעה באב נולד מנחם

    פסיקתא רבתי פ’ על נהרות:
    אין שמחה בא אלא בתשעה באב
    Simcha only comes on Tishah B’Av.

    May we be zoche right now,
    השי”ת יהפך ימים אלו לששון ולשמחה, אמן

    מנחם שמו


    As soon as klal yisroel brings back the ahavas chinam and removes from the entire nation this terrible sinas chinam among us-which is the reason why the second bais hamikdosh was destroyed-the 3rd Bais Hamikdosh will be rebuilt and last forever with the coming of Mashiach bkarov.

    But until then how can we expect Mashiach to come when the sinas chinam-baseless hatred-today is worse then in the days of the second bais hamikdosh that was destroyed because of it?

    Any serious honest answers or suggestions?

    Im hoping we can finally wake up and FACE REALITY and bring back this ahavas chinam amongst all of klal yisroel so Mashiach can come already. Cause there’s no one to blame but ourselves causing us to remain in this suffering terrible galus when it could’ve ended a long time ago if we only woke up and removed the sinas chinam from amongst us.


    is the rebbeh moshiach?

    Menachem Shmei


    “Let’s add in Torah and mitzvos (especially ahavas chinam)”

    No need to turn this into a machlokes thread.
    There are enough of those.

    Reb Eliezer

    Let’s keep in mind the pasuk in Zecharyah (8,19):

    כה אמר ה’ צב-אות צום הרביעי וצום החמישי וצום השביעי וצום העשירי יהיה לבית יהודה לששון ולשמחה ולמועדים טובים האמת
    והשלום אהבו
    All the fasts, 17th of Tamuz, 9th of Av, Tzom Gedalyah the 3rd of Tisri, 10th Teves will be converted to the Jews for joy and happiness and yomim tovim provided if truth and peace is loved. Taanis Esther is not mentioned as that shows the result of prayer, the taanis was designated later and this taanis is for happiness.

    Reb Eliezer

    Also, keep in mind the words of the Chasam Sofer who interprets, כל המתאבל על ירושלים זוכה ורואה בשמחתה, by mourning for the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash we will experience and see its joy, as one shows that it is not forgotten and dead in one’s eyes.

    Reb Eliezer

    It is the Yahr Zeit of the Chasan Sofer, the grandson of the Chasam Sofer, who passed on at age 48, encompassing the 48 kinyanim, means that the Torah is acquired, also the Yahr Zeit of Aharon the Kohen. In his short life he wrote commentaries on the Torah, Hagadah, Ovados Hayom, our daily service and Kinyanim, sugyos hashas like rov, kevuah etc, mussar and Shut in an organized fashion.

    Menachem Shmei

    We can also get chizzuk from the incredible Yalkut Shimoni about this month:

    ילקוט שמעוני ירמיה רמז רנט
    עלה אריה במזל אריה והחריב את אריאל . . על מנת שיבוא ארי’ במזל אריה ויבנה אריאל

    “There arose a lion (Nevuchadnetzar) in the mazal of Lion (Chodesh Av) and destroyed Ariel (the Beis Hamikdash – “G-d’s lion”) – in order that there should come a Lion (Hashem) in the mazal of Lion and rebuild Ariel.”

    We see here that the destruction in Chodesh Av was IN ORDER to bring to the rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdash in Chodesh Av.

    While we are sad and mourning, let’s remember that the darkness of golus is IN ORDER to bring to the light of Geula (similar to what RebE brought: כל המתאבל על ירושלים זוכה ורואה בשמחתה).

    מנחם שמו


    I love everyone, it was a question about your belief, and I respect your right to belive in what you feel is right

    Reb Eliezer

    The Chasan Sofer in his Sefer Avodas Hayom interprets what it says כל הסומך גאולה לתפילה של ערבית whoever realizes that the redemption at the time of night, darkness is only dependent on our tefila מובטח לו שהוא בן עולם הבא can be sure that one gains the next world ואינו ניזק כל אותו היום and will not be harmed that day. The goyim anger us and harm us by questioning our beliefs, why Meshiach is not coming? Our betachen and emunah in his coming protects us. The Rabbenu Yonah in Brachas says something similar on והסר ממנו יגון טאנחה, take away from us the depression for Meshiach not coming.

    Reb Eliezer

    Repeating again:

    The Rav Abarbanel and the Chasam Sofer say that משיח stands for the beginning letters of those whose talmidim in the gemora in Sanhadrin Perek Chelek consider Meshiach. מנחם, שלוה, ינון and חנינא.


    “I respect your right to believe in what you feel is right..”
    I disagree. What if you are wrong? j

    ☕️coffee addict


    So to paraphrase a former First Lady that lost to the 45th president


    Reb Eliezer

    The name Av is also important to remember as a father who hits his child to make him better.
    כאשר ייסר איש את בנו ה’ אלקיך מיסרך, the way a man hits his child, Hashem your God punishes you.

    Menachem Shmei

    “a former First Lady that lost to the 45th president”

    קבל את האמת ממי שאמרה 😊


    As I’ve mentioned elsewhere it’s all about the manmade divisions based on fear of the other. The major community school I attended puts out videos. You see all types of boys. Minyan has boys with leather yarmulkes and no hat or jacket. Boys with knit yarmulkes. Boys with jackets but no hats and boys with hats & jackets. Many will say “We can’t risk a Yeshiva bound boy being in the same class as a college bound boy.” There are a million reasons why not but this school is proof it works. The Bais Medrash has boys in black & white learning with boys in a colored shirts. The best is the boy with the knit yarmulke (with the 2 metal clips) sharing a siddur with a Chasidish boy with a buzzcut and long curled Peyos. If we stopped being afraid of the “Other” & learn to get along & respect each other Moshiach will come.

    Menachem Shmei

    @Reb Eliezer – “The name Av”

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe explains that although on a lower level the name אב shows on the negative aspects of the month (which is why we add the name מנחם as a comfort), on a deeper level, אב brings out the highest form of love that a Father has for His child, which is unconditional despite the child’s improper behavior (like in golus).

    On the possuk אנכי אנכי הוא מנחמכם, the Midrash explains (פסיקתא דרב כהנא פסי’ אנכי, יל”ש ישעי’ רמז תעד):

    דרכו של אב לרחם, כרחם אב על בנים, ודרכה של אם לנחם, כאיש אשר אמו תנחמנו, אמר הקב”ה אנא עביד דאב ודאם

    It is the way of the father to have mercy, and the way of the mother to comfort. Hashem says, “I will be like a father and a mother”

    The month of Menachem Av highlights both attributes:
    “Menachem” represents Hashem comforting us from previous sufferings.
    “Av” represents Hashem’s mercy to protect us from any current/future sufferings and send the Geula.

    (שיחת כ”ק אדמו”ר מליובאוויטש מטו”מ תשכ”ב. ראה גם תורת מנחם חל”א ע’ 151)

    מנחם שמו


    @Coffee Addict, actual what differnce does this thread make or for that matter this whole blog,
    The point is for free expression of ideas, I have no issue expressing my beliefs, and when I ask one what his belief is and he wont answer something is strange.

    Menachem Shmei

    common saychel, I’m happy to hear that you love everyone and respect all opinions.
    Halevai there would be many more people like you.

    Unfortunately, there are others who enjoy stoking the flames of machlokes. The topic you brought up is שנוי במחלוקת, and completely irrelevant to the topic at hand.

    In a thread that was created to emphasize how ahavas yisroel is needed in this month to bring the Geula, why would I answer a question which will DEFINTETLY cause machlokes among Yidden?

    There are already countless threads dedicated to debating this topic, and I’m not about to turn this into one of them.

    I hope you understand.

    מנחם שמו

    ☕️coffee addict

    “The point is for free expression of ideas, I have no issue expressing my beliefs, and when I ask one what his belief is and he wont answer something is strange.“

    I asked him the same question about believing that the Rebbe is moshiach and he answered me

    Yes, my name is based on the Gemara (ירושלמי ברכות פ”ב ה”ד) that says that Moshiach’s name is Menachem.
    (וכ”ה באיכ”ר פ”א, נא. משא”כ בסנהדרין צח, ב דשם גרסינן מנחם בן חזקיה)

    I chose this profile name for two reasons:
    1) Since my name is actually Menachem (get it? מנחם שמו?)
    2) It’s nice to remind myself about Moshiach when I’m online (every word makes a difference – “צריך כל אדם שיראה עצמו כל השנה כלה כאלו חציו זכאי וחציו חיב. וכן כל העולם חציו זכאי וחציו חיב . . עשה מצוה אחת הרי הכריע “את עצמו ואת כל העולם כלו לכף זכות וגרם לו ולהם תשועה והצלה see Rambam Hilchos Teshuva 3:4)

    “henceforth it is proof that the rebbe can be moshiach?”
    Maybe I’m trying to prove that I can be Moshiach…
    [Regarding the names of Moshiach listed in Sanhedrin, the Rebbe’s father Reb Levi Yitzchok writes that all the opinions are true – כל הדעות אמת הם ואלו ואלו דא”ח (לקוטי לוי”צ על מארז”ל ע’ קו)]

    Maybe he doesn’t want to turn his thread into a debate about the rebbe just like you told him to start a new thread so really what difference does it make

    Menachem Shmei

    @coffee addict, well said, thanks.

    @common, I apologize for going off topic in the JINO thread. Hope there’s no hard feelings!

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