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    Does anyone know of a AC repairman in Flatbush/BP area?


    Mr. Kramer. When I needed a appliance repair, everyone said “Kramer, call him” he is good, honest, ehrlich” (and many other words synonymous with those 3).

    Unfortunately, I dont know his number, but I’ve sees him advertise in the classifieds of the numerous heimishe publications.


    two suggestions

    1. Nati 718.757.6347 (Repairs & Retrofit)

    2. BlastAir Yanki Kalish 347.996.7086 / 718.437.2527 (new Installations & major repairs)

    both did good for me

    Dr. Pepper

    Can you describe the problem? Maybe some of us here can help.

    I recently had a problem with an air- conditioner and was told that it’s not worth repairing (it’s a window unit and the price of a repairman to come into the house was more than the value of the AC).

    A neighbor explained what the problem was and I was able to fix it myself for a few dollars.


    thank you all for your advice and info!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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