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    Prophylactic medicine is bad because why should you treat someone who isn’t even sick, and medicine for sick people is bad because if you were healthy in the first place, you wouldn’t have gotten sick, so people should just make healthy life choices.


    Your right. All medicine is bad and fake cause in real truth and HONESTY nothing and No one can heal you besides for Hashem. So if you know someone sick the only medicine you can take for a refuah is tefilla to Hashem for a healing.


    And all this modern medicine complicates life. A major factor in the rise in divorces is due to medical care (previously, few marriages lasted more than ten years before one of the spouses died – if you didn’t like yhour spouse you could reasonably expect to be rid of each in the foreseeable future). And then there is the problem of overcrowding in schools – until recently most chidlren died before reaching school age, reducing class size significantly (just look at a typical class and imagine how uncrowded it would in half the students weren’t there). And supporting old people is becoming a global crisis, almost totally the fault of the medical profession which has raised life expectancy by several decades over the last century.


    akuperma – That is similar to a poster on Lakewood Scoop. He wrote if the schools would kick out the Anti-vaxxers – there wouldn’t be the issue, in our generation, of rejection letters!


    Medicine is bad, but being sick and unhealthy is worse.

    Its not even a troll topic, most would agree with what you posted.


    Also what is someone was born with the sickness?


    讘专讗转讬 讬爪专 讛专注 讘专讗转讬 诇讜 转讜专讛 转讘诇讬谉


    On the posuk ” Ani Hashem Rofecho” , Rabbeinu Bachaye explains that medication have side effects, and this posuk comes to tell us that the ultimate healer , no side effects, is
    However, we’re required to do hishtadlus and take doctors’ advice & meds, which Hashem created ( in plants, herbs,etc.)
    and pray for a Refuah Sheleima….. meaning He should intervene and finalize return to health.
    Not everybody can take it upon oneself to be on the madreiga of R’ Mordchle Nadvorna.
    In his bio “Tiferes Mordechai”, a little story is told that he refused to heed a doctor’s advise when he once took ill, saying ” If Hashem won’t heal me, what good is a doctor? “


    *is should be if and the second post should be before the first one


    People who reject modern technology and dream of the “good old days” in the past in general know very little about what life was like in the “good old days.” They usually don’t tell people in history that 200 years ago most children died, the leading cause of death for women was complications from childbirth, that all the food one atge was locally growned and if there was a bad harvest you starved. And we won’t even get into such matters that in the 20th century, the leading cause of infant mortality among Jews was getting murdered by goyim.

    Reb Eliezer

    It says 讻诇 讛诪讞诇讛 讗砖专 砖诪转讬 讘诪爪专讬诐 诇讗 讗砖讬诐 注诇讬讱 讻讬 讗谞讬 讛’ 专驻讗讱 the rishonim say we see from here that Hashem is a preventive doctor. When we daven shmona esrei let us ask to be prevented from illness and should not need any medicine. The Rambam explains in smona perokim that the body becomes sick when it is out of equilibrium, so we can holoistically keep the balance.

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