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    far east

    Ive heard rainbows are a sign that God wants to destroy the world but won’t. Lately there have been a lot of rainbows. Anyone have any idea whats going on? Is there something weve been doing wrong lately?


    is there something we’ve being doing right lately?


    It is when there would otherwise be a Mabul. The stuff that caused the mabul is what necessitates a reminder not to bring one. Unfortunately, people have let their guard down in this area, be it by action, by sight, listening or discussing. Thanks for the reminder.

    Josh Erz



    See, this is something I don’t like. It’s taking concepts like Hashgacha Pratis way too far. Yes, a rainbow is a bad Siman. However, why would someone think that just because you, personally, happened to have noticed them more often recently that there’s something more wrong in the world than usual? Maybe you’re just noticing more rainbows? Or maybe you thought you were noticing more and now there’s a nice little confirmation bias telling you that you see more than usual when it’s not even really true. Or maybe you’ve been leaving your sprinkler on too much. 🙂 Take anything you want as inspiration. I have nothing against that. But don’t think that just because you’re noticing more rainbows it means something about every other person on Earth.


    I recently found myself saying the bracha on the rainbow and overhearing a kid asking his rebbi how it could be that a rainbow is a bad siman that Hashem wants to destroy the world if it is a natural phenomenon that occurs in thousands of places on any given day. Has Hashem wanted to destroy the world every day since Noach? The rebbi answered that it’s only a siman to those who observe the siman. He explained there is a reason why YOU are seeing the rainbow, and not the guy in the next town, or the person who was indoors that day. The siman is for the observer, not for the world at large. You should take it as a personal wake up call when you see it.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Well the world is pretty messed up today, in general. With everyone trying to kill us, nuclear bombs, W4W and WOW, and everyone revolting in a bunch of different countries, and we can’t foeget the starving children in africa, can we? And the really sad thing about all of this: NONE OF ITS NEW!!!!!!! If I were the creator of this world, Id also be pretty upset on how it turned out…..unless he wanted it like this…how should we know?

    Dont take a rainbow as a personal sign, i just thought it was a reminder how he wont destroy the world, not that when you see one he actually is THINKING about destroying it……

    YW Moderator-42

    It says that in the days of Raban Shimon Bar Yochai a rainbow was not seen. I assume this does not mean that they weren’t there, just that nobody ever noticed them.


    42: I strongly disagree. It’s a P’gam in Bechirah Chofshis and a much bigger Neis to say that HKBH didn’t let people notice them. It’s much more Mistaber that Hashem directed nature so that no rainbow was visible to human eyes during his lifetime (and maybe only in his vicinity).


    When it says that a rainbow wasn’t seen it is probably referring to something Kabalistic that we dont understand.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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