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    14 figures from Trumpworld — including the president — have been charged with crimes, are the subjects of investigation, have been convicted or pleaded guilty and/or have been pardoned by the former president.

    Donald Trump. President. Focus of at least one federal investigation centered on his retention of government documents. No current indictments.

    The 2016 campaign
    Stephen K. Bannon. CEO of Trump’s 2016 campaign. Accused of defrauding donors in a border-wall construction scheme. Later convicted on contempt of Congress charges. Pardoned by Trump on fraud charges. Awaiting sentencing on contempt.

    Rick Gates. Deputy chairman of the 2016 campaign. Pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and conspiring to conceal millions of dollars earned through foreign lobbying. Sentenced to 45 days in prison, suspended early in the pandemic.

    Corey Lewandowski. Manager of the 2016 campaign. Charged with battery after grabbing a reporter at a Trump property in Florida. Charges were dropped.

    Paul Manafort. Chairman of the 2016 campaign. Convicted of fraud by a jury. Pleaded guilty to two federal conspiracy counts. Served less than two years in prison before being released during the pandemic. Pardoned by Trump after the election.

    George Papadopoulos. 2016 Campaign adviser. Pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators. Sentenced to 14 days, which he served.

    Michael Cohen. Attorney for Trump. Pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations, lying to Congress and fraud charges. Sentenced to three years in prison. Served a year before being released to home confinement during the pandemic.

    Rudy Giuliani. Attorney for Trump. Subject of a federal search warrant in early 2021. Identified as a target for potential prosecution by state prosecutors in Georgia. No current indictments.

    Igor Fruman. Colleague of Rudy Giuliani. Accused of soliciting foreign campaign contributions. Pleaded guilty.

    Lev Parnas. Colleague of Rudy Giuliani. Indicted on charges of fraud and making illegal campaign contributions. Sentenced to 20 months in prison.

    The administration
    Michael Flynn. Trump’s first national security adviser. Pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators. Pardoned by Trump.

    Peter Navarro. Former Trump administration official. Indicted on contempt of Congress charges. Awaiting trial.

    The outsiders
    Roger Stone. Longtime adviser. Convicted of witness tampering and obstruction. Sentence commuted by Trump before he began serving time. Later pardoned.

    This list should not be considered final.


    Lets go Brandon, and that is a opinion


    One of the great real estate moguls is living rent free in a very vacant area.

    Amil Zola

    Luckily for him, there is always a minyan at Ottisville.


    A bit of irony that the two highest profile Trumpkopfs serving prison time are named Cohen and Weisselberg….several other erhliche yidden would still be in prison but for 11th hour pardons….

    Amil Zola

    Our Xpresident should be fighting hard to pardon this thief, just like how he though he could just declassify documents by looking at them.


    I’ve been saying for years that Trump’s appointees are either in jail already, or going to jail


    “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

    “Blame the Jew”

    Shall we start a pool for when Jared goes up the river?
    $10 a date pick, winner designates the Yeshiva to receive the proceeds of the pool.


    No wonder Mordecai lost his Sanhedrin rank after getting involved in politics. Making sholom between Israel and several of it’s enemies is not enough zechut to allow for some other disagreements?! This is not good enough even if double standard is your only one

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