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    I am looking for anyone who has experience with an Alternative doctor named Moshe Azizo. He was recommended to me by someone for a relative with cancer. He is expensive and I am looking for anyone who has used him or know about him. I think he is located in Israel, but travels.




    Did you get in contact with Moshe Azizo?

    I would be please to hear from you abou him.



    what does he offer? find out details of what his treatment has to offer. Heard about many partictioners, conventional and non, but not his name.


    Refuah shleima!

    I don’t know what the circumstances are but have you exhausted the allopathic options? Are you looking for alternative or complementary care?


    AvidReader; First. A Refuah Sh’leima to the patient. As a general rule in the treatment of Cancer (r”l). The best way is the conventional way with the biggest experts in the medical field (MDs) assessing the kind of Chemo Therapy and/or Radiation that is required for that specific patient. All the other supplements offered by the various purveyors (Some are honest, others are simply charlatans, preying on the desperate and raising false hopes for huge amounts of money.) are helpful to the patient in conjunction with the prescribed Chemotherapy. The so-called “Alternative Doctors” are all a bunch of phonies. Again, raising false hope and wasting money and precious time that should have gone to conventional treatment.

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    maybe you should check with Michio Kushi. his wife took the traditional route and so did he.

    Google him to see why this is interesting…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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