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    I went for an MRI and didn’t realize it was not going to be as non-threatening as a Cat Scan was.

    Its very tight, like they vacuum pack you into a tube and all the while there is this disturbing extremely loud unnerving noise. I lasted 5 mins and then had to get out. I was suppose to stay another 25 mins but couldn’t. I was going to have an anxiety attack.

    Has anyone ever had a similar situation? What did you do to stay in control of your mind?

    I tried deep breathing and positive imagery. The lady told me “No deep breathing”. I guess it messes up the thing.

    Then I tried to talk to myself saying “This is good…” But I didn’t believe myself.

    ☕️coffee addict

    I’ve had it before, i agree it’s boring but just think of anything to pass the time like Hashem or a shiur


    I actually fall asleep in the little “cocoon” but I know some people can’t handle it. You should speak with your doc maybe he can suggest something.


    Honestly, I would not have been able to do it without taking an Ativan before. It is very scary being in such a closed, confined space!


    I was just going to say take an Ativan…. Sometimes they give you headphones to listen to music or talk radio…

    always here

    I take a xanax, keep my eyes closed in a relaxed manner (not tightly shut), go to my ‘happy place’. didn’t they give you earplugs?


    No, you’re not a chicken; at least you tried. I can’t even tolerate the thought of it.

    Was this an “open” mri? They are supposed to be more bearable.


    your’e not alone, this is very common. There are a few options 1. take some drugs to knock you out. But someone will need to drive you home. 2. An eye mask works wonders for me. You don’t realize how confined it is. 3. There is something called an open MRI which is open on the sides. The top is still close to you, but you can see out to the side. Hatzlacha Rabbah hope it goes well.


    Are you a chicken?

    I don’t know. Shlomo Hamelech told Sanhedrin to look at the feet…

    Seriously, everyone (I guess) has their ‘melting piont’. Me? I faint upon seeing blood. My pediatrician knows better than to have me present when drawing blood from my children.


    I went for one, and like you, hated it. The way I lasted, though was that a) they told me they would pull me out if I wanted at a moments notice (I definately have a bit of claustrophobia) b) they actually did several rounds that only lasted a few minutes each, which helped and c)strangely enough, I found that the lights inside had a silver interior that were cone shaped with what looked like lines. I counted the number of lines again and again until I thought I got an accurate count. Sounds crazy, but it literally took my mind off what was happening and allowed me to stay in, with my mind occupied. I think you may want to ask for some kind of med to relax you, though, as you’ll have a preconceived notion of what it will be like beforehand, and you want to go in relaxed. Also, ask them if they could break it up a bit, time wise, so you’ll feel like you won’t be in for that long of a stretch of time at any given moment.

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    Lol I’m worse than all of u I needed a mri and begged for an open the dr said I couldn’t for the kind of test I needed. I flipped went to the place (and learned if I ever go again bring a head covering not sheitel cuz they make u take it off don’t ask!) Anyway I had my eyes closed thinking of anything else the lowered the machine or made me higher whatever I felt it getting closer I flipped get me out of her ran off got dressed ran all the way home came in house like I don’t know what my husband thought sb was chasing me lol I’m clostropobic


    yes. you are a chicken. i look forward to boiling you in my soup this friday.


    My problem is not the confined space, but the not breathing or moving for a period of time. I invariably got an itch on my nose. NOT a pleasant experience, but not as bad as I thought.


    Try the open MRI. There are some that are even more open than others. There is the standing open -which you get to stand the whole time. Some find this more comfortable than laying on the hard base. But both you can’t move.


    OOmis -“I invariably got an itch on my nose.”

    I would scratch that itch -even if they would have to do that part over. If the doc offers you a choice between MRI or CT -if the CT is going to be a long test -take the MRI because you aren’t exposed to any radiation.


    Am I a chicken?

    There’s an easy test to determine the answer to your question:

    Walk around quacking and flapping.

    If you start getting the urge to peck around on the floor, I would stay away from the shochet.


    No, you are not chicken. You could have asked for a Xanax or Valium and they would have given it to you. Many people feel claustrophobic in an MRI. There are “Open MRIs” out here in LA. Much less confining.


    NObody even told me that I might have a problem with being squished in there and freaking out. and thus needing a tranquilizer. I waited 10 months for that bloody appt. I know that I “could have” done it, and remained in there, but it just required way too much mental koyach and really focusing on something and getting on top of my mental state, and I am weak right now as a kimpiturin. physically, mentally, emotionally.

    Besides, in general when we hear a loud noise, it usually implies something to be alerted to, like danger. That is why I couldn’t take that continous BEEP BEEP weird noise. It doesnt lead to any thing, no conclusion or disasterous result. (baruch Hashem) It just kept going. I kept thinking its going somewhere with that noise. But no.


    Hey, mazal tov! Lots of yiddishe nachas! DId you tell us if we are now cyber-aunts or uncles?

    Are you getting any household help, or meals or anything?


    ARWSF – The only way you waited 10 months for that appt., is if you live in Canada or England (or possibly Israel)!

    Welcome to socialized medicine!

    B’H here in the US -just in the news -an appeals court knocked down some of Obama’s Healthcare law!


    health, you didn’t consider one other option for why I may have waited 10 months…I was pregnant!!! LOL

    You cannot have an MRI when pregnant. So i booked it for the end of the pregnancy.

    minyan gal

    Health: With a large infusion of cash to Canada’s health care system, waiting times have greatly reduced. A couple of years ago I waited only 3 weeks for cataract surgery. Barely had enough time to get an appt. with my family doc for a preop physical. Last December I needed a CT scan and had it within 10 days – on a Sunday, if you please. Don’t believe everything you read in the press. Our waiting times are not terribly long.


    ive heard other people who make the tech stop the mri.

    tell your doc you need to get an open mri

    most areas have places with those kind of machines


    You are not a chicken. Nobody wastes money MRI-ing a chicken.


    ARWSF -“You cannot have an MRI when pregnant.”

    You most certainly can. Some will avoid the first trimester or using the contrast. I don’t know what this MRI was ordered for -care to share?


    They told me no. That I could not. THey rescheduled the MRI because of it.



    They give you Valium or Xanax?

    Aren’t those controlled meds?


    ARWSF – I didn’t think you decided this by yourself, but it doesn’t mean that the THEY can’t be wrong!

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