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    Shopping613 🌠

    Im listening to heartbeat from grooveshark…I dont think I should download it since I could buy it and the singer is losing out on money since some idiot put it online…..

    Am I stealing right now by listening?!?!


    IMHO, listening to it online isn’t a problem. However, if its available as free download, I’d say rather buy it. Nechama put in tons of effort and money to put out her music, so if you really like it, why not buy it!?

    Oh Shreck!

    Maybe you should open both ears, let it in from one and out the other


    Legitimate websites pay for the songs they play.


    VM: I think grooveshark isn’t legitimate. It’s a sharing site, just no downloads, only streaming (that’s how it was described to me).

    To answer the original question, it’s a massive Machlokes HaPoskim.


    Google says that they claim to pay their artists but the artists differ. It might be stealing, but OTOH, you could say the same thing about Apple’s claims (which succeeded in Court) that Motorola was stealing their technology. I guess there are varying degrees and individuals have to decide what is appropriate for themselves.

    Also, I’m not so sure why streaming should be stealing at all. I can play you my CDs; why should it matter that we have found a new way for me to play it to lots of people at the same time? And before you argue that if the law had conceived of this technology it would be illegal, the same is true of a million ways that corporations (such as the record companies) make money. The only difference is that they have the clout to actually make laws that protect themselves.


    My siblings call it Geneiva Shark.

    It’s easier to listen on grooveshark than from a CD player, and I do try to listen to CD’s we bought.


    Thanks for posting this question — I do not have to embarrass myself asking it. Thanks for the answers.


    “Would God approve?”

    “How would I feel if everyone I knew saw/heard that I do/say this?”

    “Is this how I want Jews to be represented?”

    Sometimes when I’m trying to determine what’s right or wrong, I ask these questions to myself. I can usually tell by my reaction as to if it’s a good idea or not.

    Shopping613 🌠

    I happen to know there are programs free online made just made to download music from grooveshark. Ive never tried it though, and half of them probobly hack your computer…..

    Yes but why wouldnt it be stealing?!?!

    Like watching movies online, stealing or not? If you just want to watch it omce…

    Or episode on youtube…???


    When people steal the Aveirah/Chumrah Song it bothers me but I don’t really care, because I did it for the attention, not the money.

    Sidebar: the money from iTunes does go to yeshiva, and that might be some serious la’avin.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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