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    Shimon Nodel

    Baruch Hashem, I am getting married soon. She is Israeli, and living in the tzafon is important for us. The problem is, I’m having trouble finding any American kollelim nearby.
    Does anyone know of any? Even Haifa or Teveria, or even an Israeli kollel that has American guys? I really don’t want to go to an Israeli kollel! Help! Should I just stick it out for a couple of years and learn with Israelis?


    Can you explain what concern you have with learning in Kollel with mostly Eretz Yisroel’dika Yidden?


    rabbi tzvi caplan’s yeshiva

    Todros Gimpel

    There are one or two Kollelim in Afula that have English speaking Yungerleit.
    Is that North enough, or do you need closer to Tzfas?


    If you are a real American, any place in Israel is within commuting distance!
    But there are tons of companies in the area – Intel, IBM, MSFT, Rafael: start a shiur there.


    In addition to Afula, I heard that there is one in Carmiel.


    Lower, rav tzvi kaplan’s Yeshiva/kolel is in yerushalayim, in ezras torah – that’s not the North.

    Also i totally understand why he wouldn’t want to be in a kolel with israelis; he doesn’t speak their language, and there are other cultural issues as well.


    Best wishes on your upcoming marriage.

    For the first two, you will need to go there, find a shul and ask.
    Try the Givat HaMoreh neighborhood in Afula.
    Try the Har Yona Gimmel neighborhood in Nof Hagalil (AKA Natzeret Illit).
    Try Michael Ginker, director of demographic development in Karmiel, 972-54-662-6874.

    Here’s a bit of personal advice. If you aren’t comfortable learning with Israelis, you need to insist that your wife speak English to you. IMHO, There is is actually a pasuk in the Megillah that states the wife needs to speak the language of the husband. This is because women are much better at communicating than men. Insisting that she speak English will even the playing field (somewhat).


    Do we have a source for achashverosh’s ludicrous gezerah to be a hint at an actual inyan?

    It was meant to show how much of a tipesh he was, at least according to the maan de’amar that he was a tipesh

    Shimon Nodel

    I completely forgot I made this thread. I do speak fluent ivrit, my kallah talks to me in ivrit. I just don’t want to be in an Israeli yeshiva – preferably. @beurbest which one?


    Avira, I think TrueBT used the wrong source but his underlying point is otherwise correct. A better source is the Halacha that a wife is obligated to “honor her husband to an extreme degree and the fear of him should be on her and she should do all her deeds according to what he says and he should be in her eyes as a ruler or king. She should orient her activities according to that which he desires…” Rambam (Hilchos Ishus 15:20)


    Where can I get sefer of teshuvos by Achashverosh, could you ship it by Purim?
    Seems like respect would require indeed talking to the husband in his language, you can also consider that women have more feelings and prefer to talk to children in appropriately called “mama loshon”.

    We have an example of a bilingual family, right? A woman who had to spit into Bava’s eye due to language problems with her husband. Any piskei halakha coming from there? One thing is true (and is evident in that story) that men are less flexible and more fixed in their ways, so the wife might consider speaking his language as it is hard for him to change.

    But it would be also wise to look long-term: do they plan to settle in E’Y, or go back & forth? If they are planning fully Israeli life, then the husband, and future children, would be better off talking the language of their neighborhood. OTOH, if children are planning to earn a living, speaking American English and having American business attitudes will help them land a job in one of the above mentioned IBM, Intel, Rafael, so that they can have a good-paying job and spend half a day in learning.


    AviraDeArah that happens when you dont read the question fully.

    Shimon Nodel

    We are going to be living in Karmiel almost definitely. If there actually is an American kollel here, I haven’t heard of it. That would be ideal, but even Afula is also good. Can I please have more details?

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