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    what are the pros and cons for american vs Israeli sem

    (besides for the $$$$$$)


    America: you’ll be close to home, avoid the hassles of traveling, no language barrier, your family can come visit you/you can go home for shabbos and chagim.

    Israel: it’s eretz hakodesh.


    American sem, pros: Affordable, parental supervision, less chance of getting into trouble (ex: going to clubs etc..) Less chance of spiritual regression.

    Israel sem pros: Can’t think of any.


    There are different types of sems, to the best of my knowledge, in EY as opposed to the US- the ones in the US seem to be overwhelmingly Bais Yaakov as opposed to more of a variety in EY.

    My cousin went to seminary close by and was home for Shabbos once a month and all of the yamim tovim- something that was important to her.

    Then again, Eretz Yisrael is just, well, Eretz Yisrael…


    Clubs? Spiritual regression? What Israeli seminaries do you know of?


    American seminaries are a few-hours-a-day experience.

    Israeli seminaries are a full-time experience.


    Right but not everyone is able to go to Israel nor is everyone ready for it. I would say that if you are in new york you should for sure go to a seminary outside the tri-state area, but if not Israel, maybe Toronto.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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