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    Where should i go if i want to stay in america for seminary and i’m looking for somewhere highly academic (like if i went to israel i’d go to bjj)and that has a dorm for outa towners


    Yavne in Cleveland-board by families. VERY academic

    Maalot in Baltimore

    Intensive has dorms in brkln but its a teaching seminary

    Detroit (dunno how academic)




    Reb. Assaf’s seminary, maybe?


    I’ve heard of the following American seminaries:

    1-Montreal (very academic)

    2-Toronto (has a six week trip to Eretz Yisrael after Pesach)

    3-Machon Basya Rochel (Rebbetzin Feiner’s seminary in the Five Towns, very warm, not so academic)

    4-Bais Yaakov Intesive

    5-Bais Yaakov Half Day



    8-The NY Sem=V’At Alit (Rebbetzin Asaf’s seminary, very academic, full day program I think)

    9-Bnos Chaim (Lakewood)

    10-The Lakewood Seminary (separate from Bnos Chaim, but I don’t remember its real name)

    11-Maalot Baltimore (has a trip to Eretz Yisrael January time)

    12-Yavne in Cleveland (very academic, small, might not be around for much longer)

    There used to be another seminary in Detroit but it closed down a couple of years ago.

    As you can see, there are plenty of options for girls wanting to stay in America. However, I don’t know very much about the seminaries on my list. I’ve merely heard of most of them. Some have dorms, some don’t. Some have options for boarding by local families (ex-Yavne). Some are more academic than others. I suggest you take this list as a starting point and narrow it down from there. If I remember any other American seminaries I’ll try to post them. Hatzalachah Rabba with your search!


    check out Rebbetzin Assaf’s seminary – forgot the name.


    ya i heard rebbetzin assaf’s is really good but is it realy academic? also do the girls treat it as 13th grade or real seminary? is it at all geared toward outa towners(not tri- state area)


    Bnos Chaim Seminary in Lakewood has high academics and outstanding ruach with majority of their students dorming and coming from los angeles,chicago,cleveland etc every girl in bnos chaim seminary that i speak to is thrilled and loves her seminary and cant stop raving about it you should definitely speak to students there to find out why they love it!

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