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    To the moderator: Please post this, as it is very important.

    Through-out the ages there have been catastrophic plagues that have plagued the world. However, in every single plague in modern history (last 400 yrs.) it has always been blamed on the jews – and terrible crusades and the like were in varies cities and countrys, – Hashem Yishmor.

    And so, I ask seriously ask. Can you, the American jewish poeple say “ידינו לא שפכו את הדם הזה” if something ה’ ירחם וה’ יישמור will, or could happen?
    Could you stand up and say “We weren’t the cause of any scapegoating on the jews”?

    And if you cant, then it is time to start waking up…


    Outside of New York City, there isn’t a serious problem. The response of most Western European Jews to the Crusades was to move to adjacent Christian territories where they people were nicer. The response of most European Jews to the holocaust was to move to other countries where the people were friendlier. If you can’t stand the New York Democrats, move. Note that under American law, no visa is needed to move to another state.

    Sam Klein

    Your absolutely right and it’s time for all of us to wake up to reality and realize the real truth and situation going on hear with klal yisroel ALL DIRECTLY FROM HASHEM

    may we all wake up and do serious teshuva ASAP together

    Reb Eliezer

    Jews contributing at Boro Park protest not wearing masks and proper social distancin, picture with the fire, see

    anonymous Jew

    Akuperma, you have an interesting history . MOST ( ???) Jews simply moved to adjacent friendlier countries? How did they get there? Europe was under Nazi occupation so name the friendly countries. As for the Crusades, the Rhineland communities thought that their nobles would protect them. By the time the massacres proved them wrong, there was no time to move to “friendlier ” areas.


    You think If it starts in nyc which is the central Jewish population it won’t spread to other states! Meanwhile we see more and more published photos on JEWISH websites of yidden being “happy” going about celebrating the holiday without masks and close together. Foolish websites do you think no one is monitoring you! The crown heights website(as well as others) won’t quit publishing cute photos of jews preparing for yom tov while not wearing masks and gathering in masses including packing up 770 for hoshanos and broadcasting it live on the 770 stream! Foolish yidden what are you doing endangering us all! It’s not enough what they see on the streets you have to make it easier for them!


    “The crown heights website(as well as others) won’t quit publishing cute photos of jews preparing for yom tov while not wearing masks and gathering in masses…”

    Did they also publish “cute photos” of the overwhelmed members of the Crown Heights and Willy chevrah kadishahs or feature headlines like that currently running on the YWN news site regarding the morgue in EY where there are so many bodies piled up, they can no longer “close the doors”

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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