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    What are your thoughts on Ami Magazine?

    Some peoe dislike it because of the storys about drugs or addiction or things like that well I like it because of that I thInk it’s time that it’s really taken out in the open I think people don’t want to believe it or accept these type of things and there scared of it or want to be in denial but I think that it’s tile it’s out in the open and people can discuss it….what do you think?



    Drug addiction is B”H a very small problem in our communities.


    moi aussi

    This week’s Ami had an article about a couple who had their first child on 17 Adar (5 months ago), after 34 years of marriage, amazing story!



    Whoa! Ok b”H you don’t see it and ur protected by it but unffortunatley I have to tell you it’s pretty bad!! It’s rly sad and not good! It’s all over now and yes in the Jewish community!


    For some reason someone keeps stealing ours before we get it, or its not distributed on my street. Ive seen it at other peoples houses but i ignored it, the mishpacha looked WAY more interesting.

    I suggest they get more interesting covers, more interesting stories and add a teen section and soduku, THEN ill read it.



    Moi aussi- yes I know I’m speechless from that story it was amazing!! Another thing they talk about is infertility ppl don’t like it bec there scared about t and want to keep it private and they think it’s soooo bad to talk about it but I’m happy ami is doing it ๐Ÿ™‚



    I don’t understand shoPping613 what do u mean do u get it or not?

    Ami living is basically for teens and adults


    Where is it distrubuted???? Also in America???



    Um yeh



    Very biased magazine, but brings some important issues out into the open. My opinion in general is that if you can’t keep an open mind and take things with a generous heaping of salt as well as keeping in mind that many articles are agenda driven and you arent hearing the whole story you have no business reading Jewish magazines and news papers.



    Huh what sorry I don’t understand what ur trying to say


    WIY is saying that stories written in magazines like ami and mishpachah are written by ppl with different opinions and perspectives. You have to stay skeptical about anything that you read in print, because odds are it is biased or only giving u 1 side of the story.


    I dont get it, but when we eat out i see other people have it. Im an avid reader so when we eat out thats like telling me: ‘Shopping613, now you get to read ALL the magazines we dont buy since it costs money, and I get to read them ALL FOR FREE’ -thats what my mind says



    Shopping613- o ok and what r ur thoughts?


    I said I hadn’t actually read it! It didn’t look interesting enough, and they ussually have Mishpacha, and I HAVE TO know what happens next in the serials!



    I wouldn’t say drug addiction is a small problem in our midst. Most OTD cases involve drug abuse. There are scores of drug addicts in our midst, as well as drug pushers (often in Chassidishe circles).


    Its pretty good…what did you say the problem was????

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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