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    The YWN, as well as some frum politicians, have been questioning the sincerity of politicians & activists who have expressed sympathy towards the frum community for the antisemitic attacks we are facing. YWN ran a full op-ed attack on Curtis Sliwa for coming to Crown Heights to protect the Jewish community despite expressing nasty things about us in the past. We need to realize that we are in Galus & we shouldn’t wait for the perfect friend to show up & stick up for us. What do we gain from knocking those who are at least expressing sympathy for our plight? There are millions of dysfunctional citizens of NY & NJ who not only aren’t sympathetic, they think we have it coming to us! It’s poshut a Nes that all these low functioning people have let us alone until now.
    Let’s not alienate those who at least outwardly are showing concern for rising Antisemitism.
    The perfect is the enemy of the good! (Rabbi Frand at the Siyum Hashas)


    It was an irresponsible post by YWN. We should appreciate anybody who offers us help. One of the reasons the crown heights riot escalated is because the jews in crown heights didn’t know how to communicate with their neighbors. And it’s a problem that exists til today. We could use assistance.

    Reb Eliezer

    The Midrash Yalkut Shimoni says that והנה טוב מאד – זה מלאך המות, perfectiion means there is no necessity to improve oneself and therefore there is no need to live any more.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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