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    From: Rabbi William Handler/March 6, 2016

    RE: Your position on David Duke, the KKK, and Planned Parenthood

    This organization was founded by Margaret Sanger, who condemned charity for the poor in her book Pivot of Civilization, as follows:

    Please reconsider your position on Planned Parenthood, and join the pro-life community in calling for a complete cutoff of taxpayer funds to these racists.


    Quoting Avy Meyers,

    “He spews anger, venom, and cruelty with which many of our downtrodden masses have chosen to take solace and identify. It’s a great outlet for anger, but not a solution for anything if he doesn’t have a plan or doesn’t know what he is doing, and he doesn’t. He is no more than the Hulk Hogan of politics. A brash, bold, bully and beast. Not the answer to fixing this country, yet his popularity grows and many of his supporters aren’t even Republicans, just people who have never participated in the political process whose anger with this country resonates loudly, whose desire to fix things is wrongly attached to the charlatan, thief and liar we call Donald Trump.”


    Enough with the Hitler comparisons already. Is everyone so lazy that they cannot even express what they want to say in their own words? I can speak out against Hillary’s history of selling favors without comparing her to the Devil.


    Does Trump post here, then?


    Comparing Hillary to the Devil is different. They’re married.


    Godwin was right.


    You know who else was a fan of eugenics? Alexander graham bell.

    And Hellen Keller


    And Winston Churchill and Teddy Roosevelt and HG Wells and Francis Crick.

    All very intelligent people.

    And why not?

    If people are merely animals, eugenics is quite logical and reasonable, compelling even.

    An animal breeder would be a fool and a failure to not apply breeding principles to his flock.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Isn’t Dor Yeshorim a form of eugenics?


    Kind of. But it is not mandated by any external power, rather a voluntary cooperative effort by a social group of interested parties. Additionally it is ultimately merely a process of eliciting information. DY (that’s dor yeshorim) does not force or even recommend (I think) what action is to be taken based on the information they provide. Additionally eugenics in its usual full sense is not merely a preventative system, but advocates the removal of defective organisms from the category of the living.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    But it is not mandated by any external power, rather a voluntary cooperative effort by a social group of interested parties.

    …which individuals have a hard time opting out of.

    Look, I’m for this kind of genetic testing (which ultimately does affect the children born), I just don’t think we can decry something because it falls under the category of eugenics without discrimination.


    Also, Dor Yeshorim does not seek, encourage or expect to prevent any person from procreating. In fact, they expect their clientele to indeed procreate. Eugenics proponents, at its core, seeks to prevent certain individuals from procreating.


    That’s true, you should be discriminating in all your decisions. I was expecting a response like this, which is why I was discriminating in my choice of language and defined DY participants as a social ( which almost necessarily implies societal pressure) group and not merely individuals.

    But even so, DY has neither the flavor nor substance of what people generally mean when talking about eugenics.


    Perhaps I’m referring to Eugenics, whereas you are referring to eugenics

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕



    squeak-Comparison to Hitler is hype? In recent rallies, Trump is asking for a show of hands and a pledge to support the “leader”. Nurnberg style. Here we come, Brownshirts and all. Yeah-sure- comparison to Hitler is hyped! HA!


    Godwin’s Law:

    “Reducto ad Hitlerum” For any argument on

    the Internet, as time increases the likelihood of one side being

    compared to Hitler approaches 1.

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