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    Should the musicians refuse to play if the guests aren’t wearing masks and doing social distancing and will only play if people are wearing masks? Is it moral for musicians to profit while the virus spreads. There have been multiple weddings where people got it.


    There have been MANY responsible weddings held since Covid. I have actually been to two in the past 3 months. They were held outdoors, limited number of people and everyone wore masks except for the chosson/kalah and the rav who was mesader keddushin under the chuppah. There was no dancing and everyone seemed comfortable with that accommodation while looking forward to a big reception as soon as vaccines and therapeutics made it safer for all the older members of the mishpachas. It is not worth risking even a single life to hold receptions where masks and social distancing are not enforced, no matter what you think of the risks.

    Amil Zola

    Once C19 is a thing of the past, I suggest that the families who missed large weddings rent out a stadium and have a huge simcha.


    COVID-19 is showing that large weddings are a waste of money!

    ted cruz for prrez

    there are really nothing practical about the question because musicians who care if people wear masks are not going to perform someplace were people aren’t doing so and those who think that masks don’t matter are going to. meaning no one (hopefully) thinks it’s moral to kill people by going to a wedding. the only question is are people being killed by a wedding without masks


    Last spring during the height of the Pandemic we hosted our eldest grandsons’ wedding in our gardens. It complied with the state maximum outdoor social gathering rules. There was prerecorded music but no dancing, EVERY attendee wore a mask, social distancing was observed. Only those family members living in the CTL compound since early March were in attendance. The Kallah and immediate family arrived and stayed on the block 14 days before the ceremony and were tested (negative results) the morning of the marriage.
    No outside catering help entered the premises, flowers, food, linens, etc were delivered to our driveway by contactless delivery and the younger members of the family did the schlepping and setting up. They also helped serve and cleaned everything up afterwards.
    It was truly a family affair. The 125 maximum made for an intimate wedding.
    This is not the first wedding we have made on our grounds, two of our daughters were married here, albeit without covid restrictions, and as a Justice of the Peace I have performed non-Jewish weddings here as well.
    The couple is not interested in a large party in the future when that type of social gathering is possible. This size wedding actually allowed them to interact with all of the guests, something that doesn’t happen in weddings of 300-1000 guests

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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