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    I posted about my road rage, and poster “Health” responded that it is really a broader problem of anger. Upon reflection, I realized he is 100% correct. I am very frequently angry, at lifes issues and happenings, and unfortunately yell and am angry at family members often. Often, I when something goes wrong I can yell and curse at no one in particular. This can occur whether family members are present in the home at the time or even if I am home alone. At individual people I tend to have flashes of anger that after I release my negativity at them, the anger (generally) quickly subsides. Regarding my anger at my overall situation, I bottle a lot in me. I even get angry at little things. I tend to deeply regret my outbursts very soon after having them.

    How can one manager and control this very negative (and unhealthy) reaction, and avoid anger?


    We already had an anger management thread here a while back. You should search for it, because I can’t imagine anything more helpful than a CR thread.


    see a shrink…


    Get a middos workout – post a hot topic on the CR!


    You need to exercise and be around different people. your frustrations at every day issues are caused by being cooped up. you will notice when you start doing this your frustrations will melt away. your frustration could also be a form of letting out depression, you need to have other outlets available to get rid of the agravation/depression from your system.


    I think you should consider seeing a psychologist, most of all. The way you describe it is too much; you need professional guidance to find the solution to this. In your case it’s not just the road but much more. It’s a question of proportionality – does your level of anger correspond to the reason for that anger? I suppose not. In which case it could be a multitude of things ranging from a personality disorder to stress, or any combination or anything else…


    Exercise or go for walks.


    Getting to the source of the anger can help lead you towards resolving it.

    Are you able to link the anger building at a particular time in your life??

    How were feelings of anger dealt with in your house growing up? Did your parents model healthy ways to express anger and methods of dealing with frustrations? There can be many factors coming into play. It would probably be much more productive to explore this with a therapist who can help you track your history so that you can work on finding the appropriate resolutions. For instance, if you’re in a bad marriage, you may not be able to work through your feelings of anger while you choose to live there. If you’re at a job where your supervisor is rude and disrespectful on a daily basis, it’s unlikely you’ll feel better while there (although you can learn techniques to temper your response to your anger), if it’s biochemically driven, you might find yourself a whole lot happier and more relaxed by taking something to calm you down.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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