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    Caller ID.

    Don’t say hello when picking up the phone, say good evening.

    and HANG UP!

    If they don’t get, they will stop

    (As opposed to if you (help) build it, they will come).


    Don’t answer unfamiliar numbers.


    unplug your phone when u start dinner


    Its better than the ones I get at 3 am Israeli time on my DSL line…

    Aishes Chayil

    Well , my job involves telemarketing.

    You’d be surprised how many people politley decline and even thank me for calling and thinking of them.

    Be kind whatever you do. They are just doing their job.


    Many of these people make their living collecting “tzedahah” usually gettng a % of their take….this is their job, they won’t stop so easily


    Turn off your ringer.


    Be kind whatever you do.

    Always a good idea.


    “Many of these people make their living collecting “tzedahah” usually gettng a % of their take….this is their job, they won’t stop so easily”

    These people are subject to the rules governing the National Do-Not-Call registry and you may ask them to remove your name from their list (on behalf of THAT organization) if your phone number is registered, if that is your wish. If they call again they (not the organization they are calling on behalf of) risk a $16,000 fine, for each call they make.

    What I find most annoying are the robo calls where you pick up the phone and there is nobody on the line.


    Charity and political organizations are legally exempt from the do not call registry, and are allowed to call numbers on the registry.


    TMB, that is true of the organization itself, not a company acting on their behalf. See the rules at the FTC website.


    apy, you may be correct, but many if not most heimisha charities call directly with volunteers.


    TMB. Whatever means are used, one has the option to ignore the phone. There is no mitzvah to answer the phone every time it rings.


    Im not sure where I heard this from, and Im not sure how effective it is but if you pick up the phone and its a machine on the other end, push the pound key a few times and hang up. Supposedly this messes up the machines, and they stop calling you. Ive tried this a few times, but since there are so many telemarketers Imnot sure if ive reduced the number of calls or not…

    ☕️coffee addict

    there is a government do not call list online at, started by president Bush


    If it is stam a telemarketer, you can sign up with the Do Not Call Registry, and they are forbidden to call you, or risk a heavy fine if you report them. if it is a charitable organization, they are exempt from this rule and can call you, but may not do so at too early or too late an hour. You can discourage calls by picking up the phone and then walking away. You can also tell people you do not make pledges over the phone. Or, just do not answer.

    m in Israel

    try this one: Let them start their pitch for a minute and then interrupt them “oh, oh, I get it! You’re trying to sell me something! Oh, Boruch Hashem, I thought you were another collection agency!” :]


    a. Lobby your government representatives to end the exemption for charities from the prohibitions of the DO NOT CALL registry (

    b. Ask the caller to send something to you by mail. When you get the mail, write back asking them to drop you from the call list. You may have to repeat this process before getting results, but it helps.

    c. Tell the callers you’ve become a goy.


    We joined the do not call list and we almost never get telemarketing calls anymore.


    hand over the phone to your little sister they should cut off after a few minutes of goo-goo


    you can say “we are just sitting down to dinner. Please leave your home number so we can return the call when you sit down to dinner”.

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