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    Tzvika Segal, Behadrei, 7th Av 5783. 07/25/23

    Arabs brutally beat yeshiva students during a cruising

    A group of friends who spent time kayaking in the north were violently attacked by members of minorities [- Arabs]. As a result, one of the members was injured and one of the two was broken Attorney Steiner from the Honenu organization: “We will make sure that the violent attackers are brought to justice”

    … A serious case of assault at one of the kayaking sites in the north: a number of friends, yeshiva students, who came to rest last week, were caught up in a serious incident of violence by members of minorities. As a result of the severe violence, one of the friends was injured, his lip was split open and one of his teeth was broken. According to him, when he arrived at the police station in order to file a complaint against the attacker, he was interrogated under a warning.

    All Aravs kniw, Haredim avoid IDF draft. But Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar will tell you, the conflict is about so called “occupation”


    with one exception all your topics posted are about this one issue, try to diversify your postings.


    Chareidim often attack the Jewish soldiers who protect them.

    Even Jewish soldiers who are Chareidi — are attacked by Chareidim.

    Since Chareidim ATTACK soldiers who protect them from Arabs, I do NOT feel sorry for Chareidim when Chareidim get attacked by Arabs.



    1. It is the lefty secularists who attack soldiers while / as on anti terror operations in Judea Samaria.

    2. Never do haredi attack any sodier as / while operating on an anti terror action.

    3. Or you mean right wing settlers who attack soldiers?


    SR. You are confusing and generalizing. First of all police brutality against Haredim are far more rampant than against any other group. See also Chaim Mizrachi case for example.


    PLEASE do a google-search on: “Charedim attack soldiers”.


    SQUARE ROOT, I don’t need to and it is not related or connected. TheYeshivaWorld is also Haredim. So what is your confusing?

    Why are you even talking about OFF TOPIC soldiers on this thread?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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