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    Quacky the duck

    What is the heter for chasidim davening after sof zman teffilaha


    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Someone explained to me that it’s based on the fact that they hold that tefila without kavana is not considered tefila at all. The reason they daven late is so they have more time to prepare and have kavana when they daven since otherwise it’s not considered davening.



    Some chassidim, such as Breslovers, are makpid about davening before zman tefilah. Rebbe Nachman taught that it was important to abide by every word of the Shulchan Aruch. For that reason, when the Chofetz Chaim’s son became interested in chassidus, he counseled his son to associated with Breslovers.



    The Chabad Rebbe addressed this topic in a letter, which is posted in article ID 72174, titled “The Well-Stocked Pharmacy”, at chabad DOT org.

    Is it permitted to post the link here?





    Why would someone start a new topic named “anti chasidus” and then start off with an honest question about chasidus?

    Are you looking for a good answer? Or are you just trying to bash chasidus and would prefer you didn’t get a good answer?

    If it’s the latter I think this thread should be deleted.



    Chas vi’shalom to suggest that one does not have to comply with the clear-cut halacha of sof zman krias shema.

    That being said, I will echo the sentiments that Meno expressed: It sounds like the OP of this thread is more of a cat than a housewife, in the famous moshul of the Ponevezher Rav.

    We are exhorted not to use the Torah as a קרדם לחפר – we certainly shouldn’t use it as a weapon to bash people as part of a non-li’shaim Shamayim agenda.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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