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    So we constantly see articles on Jewish websites feeling the need to point out every bit of anti semitic occurrence no matter how minimal it may have been or even if it was unintentional. Is this necessary for us to know every instance that someone said something negative about us? Does it make us stronger putting this mentality in our mind or does it weaken us by constantly feeling and speaking in a victimized way, and “proving” that everyone is against us?

    We know that the nations arent so fond of the Jewish people it is ingrained in the worlds nature. So must we constantly remind us of this fact? After all if this were to remind us to not be dependent on or expect sympathy from the nations, this has the opposite effect since whenever we see such an article we feel the need to justify ourselves, and go on social media and explain and “prove” to everyone how we are unjustifiably hated and we do this to gain some empathy from those who most likely agree with the anti semitic remarks.

    So although being aware of the reality which we know of for thousands of years is one thing, I would say it does not do us any good to constantly pay attention to every fool who says something provocative in order to anger us or get some spotlight. Seeing these articles evoke anger, a sense of helplessness, makes us feel weaker and hated, and i dont really see how it helps us to repeatedly be bombarded by article after article of every low life who said something a bit anti Jewish. It also makes us end up using the victim card too many times where it turns into us crying wolf.

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Maybe so, but when it’s a slow news day it’s always good to have that to fall back on


    but the problem is people take it to heart


    Bravo. Exactly correct.

    TS Baum

    My thought is that something like the halocaust, most yidden did not know of all the anti-semetic thigns that were happening. People didn’t speak up or interfere. I’m not Chas V’shalom saying that such a terrible thing would happen again, but it reminds us to keep in mind that the worlds not perfect, and there haters of klal yisrael who all they want to do is destroy and kill yidden. We should be aware of these.


    Its a way to deflect from our shortcomings.

    Instead of acknowledging: “wait walking in the street at night without reflectors is not a great idea” we can say forget “walking in the street, look at this anti-semite who is threatening to run us over!” So it gets sent out by people looking to deflect. Then once its sent out all the websites have to report it because now it is news.


    So that sounds like us crying wolf or using the victim card like other such “groups” do. I think that’s not empowering and just shows us as weak and nagging for empathy. I feel that when we ignore these haters and keep strong, others see that as a strength like wow they are so hated and suffer but they keep going and succeding in life without making excuses.

    Also I think that when we ignore all these lowlife attention seekers, we don’t give them the spotlight they seek and it will actually discourage them from doing more. We feel that we have to make every occurrence known so that it will stop it, but in fact it’s the opposite effect it encourages others to do the same since they see it works to get to us. Maybe that’s why there is an increase in anti Jewish actions or maybe it just seems that way since any moron yelling something out of their car window gets a special article on 10 different Jewish websites which leeches into other general news sites as well.


    To survive and thrive, one needs to have situational awareness. the knee jerk, zero tolerance, nip in the bud types generally are making a living doing what they do. It pays off to ignore them, but to have your antennae focused on broader societal trends.
    My youth in Long Island and Catskills of the Sixties was marked by several credible threat events, so it was a highly attuned if not paranoid experience. In my young adulthood I felt perfectly safe in communities of Queens and Brooklyn. What disturbed me there most were the certain signs of cratering civilization– barbarians breeding while the shrinking literati did not, and the headlong rush our own into gashmius. Jumped ship to EY and thriving.


    neither is sugar healthy

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