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    A Fish Out of Water

    Unfortunately, there has been a rise in anti-Semitism recently, even in America. Baruch Hashem, the askanim have, and continue to work tirelessly to ensure that we are not affected from potential offenders. Hashem should bentch them with everything good. But it does make one think why and how this is happening, particularly in a country with freedom and equality built in to the very foundations.
    If we look at the history of our nation in galus, we find a pattern. When the need arose, there was a migration to a different land. It took some time, and we settled down, and even prospered. Seeing success earned through hard work in a new land, a desire arose to benefit from the culture of whatever nation we were residing in at that time. As time went on, the level of integration rose. Suddenly, the previously friendly nation started less welcoming, even hostile. Finally, it became so bad that we had to leave and find a new place to stay.
    This is still a little vague, however. A possible answer lies in the texts written by the haters themselves. They don’t seem to have a problem with a spiritually elevated, humble, and pious nation living in their midst. They focus on actions that the Torah teaches us against engaging in. These have varied from nation to nation. But these are actions that they are guilty of themselves. Why are they a basis to hatred and ultimately expulsion?
    I think the answer is straightforward and has been mentioned before. It just needs reminding of from time to time. We are the Am Hanivchar. Hashem expects us to act based on the standards He set forth in the Torah. When we remember to use the Torah as our life guide, Hashem gives us the everything we need to serve Him. But when we forget, and set our standards based on the society around us, Hashem sends messengers to remind us. The messengers tell us what we are doing wrong, sometimes explicitly, and sometimes we must read between the lines. If we listen right away, we can hope that the messengers will finish their duties and be silenced. Then we can continue being a people that are a positive example in every way and serve Hashem unhindered.
    I thank the askanim for their continued efforts and daven that they should be successful in everything that they do. Meanwhile all of us should listen to what the voices of the messengers are saying and see what message Hashem is sending us. I daven that the message should be heard and acted upon, we should not experience any more pain in this galus, and that Hashem will send Mashiach and bring us to where we truly belong.



    Too much dependence on Internet


    Sam Klein

    Why have we not seen the message of Teshuva from Hashem ? Are we living-sadly-in such denial that we think we can just sit and fool Hashem into thinking that we don’t get Hashem direct message for serious teshuva, Kinnus and Taanis, when we are constantly hit these days R”L non-stop with horrific tragedies (not just a highway accident)

    How much longer will it take us to wake ourselves up and face reality to Hashems call for teshuva? Nothing is just coincidence. There’s no one but ourselves to blame for the state of hatred, antisemitism and horrific tragedies happening daily all over the world. This could have all been avoided if we would have woken up to face reality and so something about it

    Ex. Start to face reality with your family upcoming expensive weddings and bar Mitzvas by thinking about them years ahead and saving money aside for them (just a little each month) and only spending on necessities not on crazy extras that are unnecessary.



    I’ve wondered if equating opposition to Israel with anti-semitism is a contributing factor. Are they really equivalent?

    Another thought: A wounded bull is more dangerous than a healthy one.


    A Fish Out of Water

    DovidBT I don’t know if they are equivalent, but I think they are definitely related. I am also referring to recent events in America that have nothing to do with Israel. The problem with education in New York. RUOC in New Jersey. And I’m sure there is more.
    What do you mean about the bull?



    Ironically, “Am Hanivchar” isn’t from Chazal. The phrase probably originates from 19th century anti-Semites.

    Thank you bigots and anti-Semites of the world over for reminding us that we are in galus.



    אתה בחרתנו מכל העמים



    I think each community should take kaballos upon themselves-like limiting internet use, tznius for the women, lashon hara, so much more we can find to work on if we want to!

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