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    Yechi Hamelech

    Could someone explain to me why directs me to biden’s website?


    Whoever registered the domain antifa DOT com configured it to redirect to joebiden DOT com.
    I did a WHOIS on it, but it uses a privacy service to conceal the actual domain name owner.

    It’s very easy to do. I could register a domain named famous-pork-recipes DOT com and redirect it to theyeshivaworld DOT com.


    antifagroup dot com , antifausa dot com , and isupporthitler dot com can be purchased today and configured to be redirected to trump dot com.
    It is totally meaningless.


    Biden represents ANTIFA either way

    yaakov doe

    ANTIFA stands for anti fascist. How many readers of YWN are pro fascist?


    @doe. You are right, I am not support Mussolini. But note that Nazi stands for NSDAP – National Socialist German Worker’s party. Are you against the Nation? against the socium? or, has vehsolom, workers?


    Pretty terrible take to put it nicely. Antifa may stand for anti fascist, but it’s anything but that. Anybody who doesn’t unite with them, doesn’t riot with them is automatically labeled a white supremacist. Any mildly different opinion than their own is “dangerous”. Take a look at what they do to those peacefully eating outdoors by restaurants when the antifa movement passes by. They want to control what you do and what you think.
    Same with Black Lives Matter. They have clearly shown they don’t give a darn about black lives. But of course if you oppose them (even if your black yourself) you get labeled as a white supremacist. Pretty insane times we’re living in.


    When I first saw the word ANTIFA, I though it meant “Anti First Amendment”. Which is actually accurate.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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