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    Beryl? Seriously? They ran out of goyish names? What’s next? Shmeryl?


    Beryl is not an exclusively Jewish name.

    In “The Hound of the Baskervilles”
    (written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1902 CE),
    Beryl is the name of the villain’s wife.

    WikiPedia (dot)org has an article titled Beryl_(given_name).
    In this free article, there are dozens of people named Beryl,
    and most of them are not Jewish.


    I can’t speak for the Beryls, or even a Shmeryl (sic). But I can say that I wouldn’t oppose it being Hurricane Shmerel. After all, the shlemazel-ish thoughts associated with the name may get people to flee, lest they become a Shmerel (or Gimpel).

    ☕️coffee addict

    Oh grow up

    And if there was a name like Tyron or Shaniqua that would be racist?

    I actually would love my name to be a hurricane




    Beryl is the name of a jewel. It is NOT related to the Yiddish Berel, which is a diminutive of Ber “bear”

    One is a jewel, one is a bear.


    I think they used to give only female names to hurricanes. But then feminists discovered that it is unfair to name scary things by female names only, and they scared meteorologists more than hurricanes, so the naming system was changed.


    Beryl is an English name with roots going back to the ancient world, but at no point to any Hebrew or Jewish or even Semitic. I suspect its use by Jews reflected a desire to assimilate (cf: Moshe who became Morris, Aharon who became Arnold, etc.).


    Beryl was a compromise after several of our most prominent (& not so prominent) Askanim got involved.
    The original name was, “Abraham Israel Sheqelsteinmoneygrabber”


    The hurricane names alternate male and female. The last one was Alberto so evidently Beryl is supposed to be a girl’s name. This shows tremendous insensitivity to all the Jewish boys and men named Berl. I think we should all protest by avoiding any travel to areas in the path of this insensitively named hurricane until it has passed.


    reminds me of the joke
    shlemiel is that guy who spills the soup on shlemazel, and nudnick is the guy who wants to know what kind of soup it was.

    i would love hurricanes to have the above names

    Sam Klein

    Does anyone even remember what the shocking message DIRECTLY FROM HASHEM was of hurricane Irma and Harvey were? Among other tragedies that hit directly after.

    In September of 2017 the states of Florida & Texas of the United states was hit by Hurricanes Irma & Harvey followed by a major earthquake in Mexico & the biggest wildfire in LA… With millions of people losing power & over $500 billion dollars worth of damage & many people gripping in fear to see what will happen at the end. Everyone is asking why such shaking hurricanes & earthquakes would be sent by Hashem? The message from Hashem is Obvious: The Ariza”l, the father of Kabbalah, lists the four elements of creation as: “Earth, water, wind and fire. which in hebrew is Afar/Adama, Mayim, Ruach and Aish.” The Kabbalists explain that when man becomes corrupt, the elements of the earth follow suit. This is Hashem’s way of showing man that he must change his ways. The first Hebrew initials of the four elements are aleph, resh, mem and aleph. Guess what they spell – “Irma”. how does that shock you? Who else is speaking if not Hashem? Let’s not forget that all this happened in the month of Elul, the month of Teshuva. The Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh and the Chasam Sofer, osb”m, say that when Moshiach is about to come, calamities will happen one after the other in rapid succession, in order to stimulate people to repent and come back to HaShem. There’s Harvey, Irma, earthquake in Mexico, biggest wildfire in LA. Wind, Water, Earth and Fire.. Again the four elements. Time for us to do our part with Teshuva, Tikun, & Geula.


    Hurricane chani or hurricane moishe

    I had a hurricane with my name but my legal first name is goyishe used for both Jews and non chosen ones lol


    Sam Klein: They have always been having such storms along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. The indigenous peoples (the Indians) didn’t build their communities along the coasts. The Europeans didn’t get the message, and it seems that building in areas likely to be flooded is a minhag – encouraged by the Federal government. Less of Ha-Shem being mad, as the goyim being dumb.

    The wildfires have long been present in California, and were noted by the first Europeans to visit the region. The Californians for some reason like to build in areas that are likely to engulfed by wildfires. While such areas are good for camping, or forest related businesses – they really should not be “zoned” for permanent settlement. Construction in earthquakes in another trait (though the Israelis do so as well).

    Of course one could say Ha-Shem makes the goyim stupid as an act of Hessed to the Yidden (to make it harder for the goyim to kill us).


    The level of ignorance on display here is remarkable.

    Reb Eliezer

    Don’t use mad but angry when it comes to Hashem.


    @Reb Eliezer

    As my mother , the strict grammarian, A”L always said:
    Dogs get mad, people get angry.

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