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    I want to get professional shots, with minimal technological exertise involved. I want to pay not a zillion dollars.


    In the under zillion dollar range their best camera is the EOS-1D X, however if you are just going to set it to auto you’ll get the same results as using an EOS Rebel T3.


    It depends what you’re looking for:

    You can get quite high quality shots off the high-end compact cameras, namely the Powershot SX…HS cameras, which are phenomenal considering the size.

    Even better, but bulkier and more professional looking, is the Powershot G1 X,( which I haven’t tested personally) which has this very large swivel display and lens. 14.3 megapixels is enough for most prosumers.

    The EOS series is aimed at professionals, and so amounts to big, bulky feature-laden cameras. EOS cameras are DSLRs, so lenses can be switched.

    As you said, you do not want any need for expertise, meaning you will just be using auto.

    Go out and buy an SX 40 HS and don’t bother with anything higher.

    Anything higher will not have a greatly significant impact if you’re using Auto anyway, unless you count shooting

    in the dark, where the aperture is most important, and depth-of-field, where the aperture has a direct effect.

    This jargon probably means nothing to you, so just don’t get anything higher.

    The more complicated a camera is, the more a non-professional may push something and then:

    “What are these lines on the screen?” “I can’t zoom out” “Why is everything blue-ish?” “Why do I smell smoke?”

    and finally “Call the fire department!”.

    Needless to say, don’t get something you do not intend to know to use.


    I myself was thinking on buying a Canon SLR digital camera. After doing much research, I felt that the Canon T3i would be the best for me. I would be setting it automatic, so this camera is supposed to be an excellent camera for photos and really great for video. The Rebel T3 does not have movie capability. So I feel that you would be better with the T3i. Also the Canon T3 has a 2.7 screen while the T3i has a 3 inch screen.

    If you are a beginner like me in digital photography, I would recommend that you go to B & H and take the course, which is free and he will suggest the different SLR camera and what to buy.

    On the B & H website look under events space, and see when the next class is. I found it very interesting


    My piece of advice:

    *If* you’re going to buy an SLR (and I’m not necessarily saying you should), and you have to make a choice between spending money on a better camera or a better lens, by all means, spend the extra money to get better lenses.

    The Wolf

    Hello Kitty

    Does B&H have an option of an on-line course?

    I dont have time to go down. I would love to learn photography from home. What are my best options?

    I own the 60D camera, its a great model, great investment.

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