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    Long island Yid

    Anyone know of a good course for men?

    Including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator?

    The guy is looking for something in Brooklyn or Lower Manhattan. (Actually wherever public transportation is available)

    There are several courses for women, but I don’t know of any for men. Also can you make a decent parnosah with this?


    It’s a female-dominated field. A man shouldn’t.

    Long island Yid

    RebYidd23 says “Female Dominated”? No men in this field?

    Hey, everybody seems to have opinions on everything here in the coffee room, no one has any info to offer for my friend,

    Yaasher Koach in advance!

    Long island Yid

    Nu! doesn’t anybody have some info to offer?…Thanks in advance!


    there is a really good learn by video dvd u can get on all of those programs they sell at barnes and noble for $50 each and on ebay for less.

    the pros are that it teaches by video very thorough, and also includes file folders so you can practice and remember, and it is a very economical way of learning. also chances are you already have a creative eye and don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for a course for someone to critique and guide you.

    the cons are that the learn-by-video series just teaches you how to use those programs, so you will have to read some books on how to create a portfolio. the biggest problem with the self-learning videos is your commitment to sit by yourself and learn and practice, which can be very hard to do, if not impossible for some people. (if you chose to do it, the key is practice, or you’ll forget. Also some courses can get you a starting job, as opposed to learn-by-video.

    Keep in mind that most companies are not interested in where you learned adobe. They just want to see a smashing portfolio and a prestigious record, both of which you don’t need an unaccredited course for. Either way, once you master design, you need to climb up the ladder yourself.

    If you are looking into programs like dreamweaver or any other web design programs to work with Photoshop, i would suggest getting into some program for that because you have to learn basic html and css.

    another option is accredited courses in marketing that you may want to look into.

    since you are a man you should beware, beware that the learn-by video, as well as any other setting or job that is not religious may not be so tznius, since after all, it includes art and culture.

    If you chose to do learn-by-video, I would suggest photoshop first. (you may not even need illustrator altogether because most of it is already included in photoshop.)

    I would also suggest, whatever you do, to get books on the most successful ad campaigns. you can get them at the library; They are mainly picture books with notes. They are super interesting, and there is a ton to learn from.

    good luck

    Long island Yid

    Pixelate…Thank you for extended size post…appreciate the info…I’ll pass it on to my friend for whom i posted this…Kol Tuv


    touro may have something.


    There are a couple of programs that advertise extensively, such as The Bold Edge and Design Alive. I think that Design Alive requires internet while The Bold Edge does not. Many women take these courses, but I don’t believe that they are specifically for women, so they are probably worth looking into.

    Long island Yid

    Thanks everyone for your input…

    We’ve heard of BoldDesign, they only have classes women.

    I’ve also seen in the “Torah Times” an advertisement from Bramson ORT for graphics design for men. It’s a 30 credit certificate. Anyone know anything about that?

    Long island Yid

    OOPS! someone just pointed out to me I made a typo in last post.

    I made reference to a place “BoldDesign”. I meant BoldEdge. I don’t know if anyone noticed.

    Anyway if any one has some more info to share about the mentioned places or other places….please share what you can. Since no decision has been decided yet! Thanks & Kol Tuv.



    I don’t think Touro has design courses for men


    If you are just looking to learn the tools then YouTube is an excellent resource. There are countless hours of tutorials and free content available there. Learn the tools, create a portfolio, and you’re good to go.

    ps. Once you are done you can print your own certificate 😉


    Design Alive does offer courses for men, if there is enough demand.

    I studied under them (female), though they did mention to me that they do classes for men as well sometimes.

    You can call them up and speak to them. They are very helpful!

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