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    Thinking about quitting. Tips? Ideas? Encouragement?
    Please only from people with credentials of former smoker, others just like to say “it’s so bad for you” but have no practical advice that and aren’t in my world. Thanks in advance.


    I have the credentials.

    The hard part is not quitting, but avoiding starting again. After quitting, the desire to smoke can last for months or years. I used to dream about smoking. I would even looking forward to bedtime so that I could “dream-smoke”. 🙂

    Some things I found helpful:

    1.Remove, or pack away, everything that reminds you of smoking: ashtrays, matches, etc. Of course you may still need matches to light Shabbos candles, but at least keep the matches out of reach the rest of the time. I kept some cigarettes on hand so that I wouldn’t panic, but I packed them away so that they were out of sight and it would take several minutes to access them.

    2. Try to avoid going to places where other people may be smoking.

    3. Do regular cardiovascular exercise. It needs to be of sufficient intensity that you have to breathe very deeply. With each breath, you’re reminded that you wouldn’t be able to do that if you smoked.


    I worked for a drug company with a smoking cessation pill. We did a ton of research, and though I am not a smoker, I very much relate to your challenges. It takes most smokers more than one try before it really “takes”. The research shows that you going about this the right way: asking the question of others, and building social support. Let others know what you are doing, and they can help you on your journey.

    B’hatzlacha Rabba, I’m davening and rooting for you


    Eat or drink anything else, let yourself indulge in fattening unhealthy things as a distraction, drink water whenever you feel a craving. More than that is just the will to quit.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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