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    Hi. I am looking to get involved in a daytime Chesed activity to fill some spare time. Not interested in bikur cholim visiting hospitals-type thing….perhaps something more upbeat for me. Any ideas?


    Kibud Av V’Eim. Ask your parents every day what you can do to help them. Call them. Do the same for your grandparents.

    There’s no comparable mitzvah to the chesed of kibud av v’eim.


    Thanks but I meant something more interactive to keep busy, aside from time with arents. And some aren’t lucky enough I still have arents.

    basyechida nomore

    I don’t know where u live, but I believe some communities have organizations that help out mothers of newborn babies especially mothers of multiples. That can be time fulfilling as well as gratifying.


    Counselling free-loafers who have nothing to do, like me.



    Just curious. Why does my post not get posted? I sent it twice, & both times it disappeared.


    One more time: this is the post that keeps getting lost:

    I will give you a hint. If your post keeps getting deleted, there is something wrong with it. We don’t allow links.

    frummy in the tummy

    Big brother/big sister? Tutoring?


    I-shine, by chai lifeline

    “Program Information

    When a child must deal with serious illness or loss in the family. and you can’t always be home for those crucial after-school hours. i-Shine provides homework help, snacks, dinner and fun in a supervised, relaxed environment.

    On-site supervision is provided by parents, teachers, high school volunteers, social workers and psychologists. Our staff members are experts in bringing out smiles and laughter while offering homework assistance and exciting recreational activities for children of all ages. i-Shine is available free of charge to elementary and middle school children living with illness or loss in their family. Transportation is provided from local yeshivot

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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