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    Aishes Chayil

    Can you please recommend something tasty, elegant and /OR original being that its Purim;))?



    jack daniels ala glenlivet

    always here

    I bought duckling recently when it was on sale… saving it for a special occasion … just havta be careful with the recipe, so it’s not fatty-tasting


    Since we serve “hidden” foods, how about chicken or beef wrapped in puff pastry, like beef Wellington?


    apple turnovers to it a meat loaf. the best. maybe not that fancy,but tested and proven excellent.

    Aishes Chayil

    I serve Canard A L’orange (duck) as a main course.

    I was thinking something more on the fruity, vegetably or fishy family…..


    how bout heinekin souffle

    or grey goose


    Heavily Spiked Rum Cake

    doodle jump

    This is absolutely delicious. Take puff pastry squares. put on a small and thin piece of chicken cutlets (about 2×2) seasoned with grill seasoning. I like to use pereg brand. The truth is that I just happened to have that in the house so I used it. You can use a mixture of garlic powder and paprika and it will be just as delicious. On top put a thin slice of kishka. Fold into a triangle and bake until golden brown. Serve with mushroom sauce. Amazing.


    ummmm stuffed cabbage????


    Yes, stuffed peppers and stuffed cabbage because the vegetables help alcohol absorption.


    Serve leftovers -Alcohol numbs any taste.

    For Kilobear – Bear steaks are yummy.



    Stuffed Peppers, Szarkonosvary Style

    This comes from myne elte baabe, she was from Szarkonosvary, Ingarn, which if you know vus iz Chelm in Poylin, you know ochet vus iz Szarkonosvary in Ingarn:


    Three cups bagel hole crumbs

    One cup iron filings

    Two cups activated charcoal.

    1/2 cup laundry detergent

    Keep looking for the bagel hole crumbs. When you find them, worry about the rest.



    LOL I ate bear when I was OTD, right before I made my final decision to return in fact, mainly because I wanted to be able to say I actually ate bear.

    There is a reason bears eat us instead of us eating bears :). I was literally on RX-type antacids for a day and a half after eating chopped northern furball meat pelmeni (Russian kreplach).


    make meat roll (puff pastry dough with a ground meat mixture with sauted onion, garlic, chicken stock, and flour) and shape them like hamantaschen!!! it’s delicious and cute. if you want I can post an exact recipe. The truth is, it’s better looking (and tasting) if you make your own dough- it may not look like a hamantasch once it’s puffed up.

    always here

    Aishes Chayil~ Moussaka, vegetarian or not


    As long as it tastes good, I don’t care. I’m not too picky.

    I remember one Purim when my seudah consisted of a tuna fish sandwich.

    The Wolf

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