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    Does anyone have any info on the frum community of Dallas Texas?


    I think it was organized by some askanim from Chaim Berlin (who also helped startup the new frum community in Waterbury.)


    You can possibly get some info by contacting Torah U’mesorah and asking about their SEED program, or call Chofetz Chaim and ask about a branch. (I’m pretty sure they have one.)



    So glad you asked! I personally know the Roshei Yeshiva of the high school/beis medrash there, Texas Torah Institute, a branch of Chofetz Chaim. They are Rabbi Eliyahu Kaufman, Rabbi Shloimie Pacht and Rabbi Aryeh Rodin, who hold administrative positions in the high school and beis medrash between the 3 of them, (and some others that I may have forgotten). The yeshiva has been there for about 6 years and B”H is flourishing, as is the frum community in Dallas. There is also a girl’s high school, that was there previously I believe, and 2 shuls that I know of in what is referred to as “North Dallas”. For more info, contact Chofetz Chaim yeshiva’s main branch in Queens, NY.


    We have two nice Eruv communities here in Dallas. We have both a strong growing MO and Charedei communities each with their own schools. For MO contact and For Charedei contact Also we have a Sephardic shul. All these in the original Eruv community where I live. There is a newer community up north also with an Eruv.


    I was in Dallas in the beginning of the winter. Their school is wonderful, it is a fully functioning school just as you’d expect a yeshiva or bais yakov in Lakewood to be, but without the fighting and politics. Never mind that it is easier to get your kids into school there than in Lkwd!

    The principal is Rabbi & Mrs. Udman, they are a great couple and are extremely devoted to their school, as is everyone in the community.

    It is a very inspiring community, if you are looking for an interesting vacation this winter don’t go to Florida, head over to warm and sunny Dallas instead.

    Rabbi Shimshon Scherer visited Dallas with 50 members of his shul, they were very impressed with what they saw!


    Hey everybody, my brother-in-law and sister live in Dallas! There is a nice sized fruum community there! They have been living there for about 5 or 6 years. They are there for Kiruv.They are very happy there.

    $ MOISHY $


    I know that there is a chofetz chaim there .and from what “I hear” a nice frum community


    i’m thinking of going there to teach in the day school – can a/o tell me about it ?


    emoticon613, what do you want to know about it ?


    anything; i don’t care what! no l”H of course… 😉


    Dallas has every reason to be proud of their top drawer Vaad Hakashrus which is second to none anywhere on the globe.


    There are 2 eruvs in Dallas – one in the North of town, one South. The South eruv has the bigger shuls (one MO, and a 350 family Chaim Berlin style shul as well). The North eruv has a Chfetz Chaim shul with about 50 families with a yeshiva associated with it (about 70 students). The North eruv also has Congregation Toras Chaim, with the excellent Rabbi Yaakov Rich. It’s about 65 families, and is the fastest growing Orthodox shul in town. Very serious place for davening and learning. There are also 2 big Chabad shuls, a kollel run by world renowned Torah scoloar Rabbi Yerachmiel Fried, and LOT of kiruv goin on in town. If you want shabbos hospitality, just google “Dallas Orthodox shil.” VERY friendly community.


    btw, i decided against going but for no other reason than libi bamizrach v’ani lo rotzah lehiyot betoch maarav!!


    ZosHaTorah- do you live there? (If no, where’d you get all the info??)


    I do live in Dallas (don’t hold my poor spelling in my above post against Dallas yidden).

    Pashuteh Yid

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    pascha bchochma

    The people I know from there are incredibly nice. And they have a kollel.

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