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    any body Suffering After Recovering From Covid-19 Please Share
    42yrs No underlying issues before,
    Its been 100 Days since I had Corona and tested negative W/Antibodies, However my symptoms are lingering long after
    Body heating up chest and back( comes and goes), breathing issues when inhaling especially at bed time,
    weakness, fatigue, Trouble falling and staying asleep, come 8pm brain starts shutting down ,loss of focus, sense of smell only 40% regained.
    Things are just not as before, very worried anybody out there with similar Please share.
    Been to pulmonologist ,psychologist, General doctor all claiming Anxiety . No clear answer from no body


    There’s an article in today’s (Wednesday July1) New York Times entitled “Here’s What Recovery From Covid-19 Looks Like for Many Survivors” that may be of interest. Google it. It discusses exactly what you’re describing.

    The subtitle is “Continuing shortness of breath, muscle weakness, flashbacks, mental fogginess and other symptoms may plague patients for a long time.”

    hu bacha

    1) you have to know that it took long to get my sense of smell back also,
    2) i am informed by my medical friend that the anitbody test is highly inaccurate, which means that even if you are immune to the virus, you can still show no anitbodies, in other words the antibody test means nothing.
    3) if you tested for coronavirus and see that you are negative then you dont have it. Thats a fact.

    therefore it might all be in the mind, my advice to you is to relax and enjoy an ice cream, listen to some music to lift your mood a little, learn something light to get your mind into something else. you can make yourself sick with your mind also, its a metsius and proven, if you look at john sarno’s book you will see that its proven. the Main thing is todaven to Hashem that Your Daas should be calm and not go against you and make you unhealthy. You should have arichus yomim vshonim tovim and have hatslacha in all your endeavors

    concerrned mom

    So are you being given something for anxiety? If not dont be afraid take some relaxants and youll see within 2-6 weeks if it helps and then youll know was anxiety.I have a neighbor that was very sick and she told someone she was given meds for anxiety..

    Sarah S

    I had many of the symptoms after my son came home from Lakewood when they closed BMG. My son had symptoms about 2 days after he came home but they were only testing front line people so he never got tested.. had classic symptoms though.. I started feeling weird with hoarseness, heavy limbs, fogginess before Pesach but my doctor said they weren’t giving out tests and I should just take it easy. I made Pesach with the help of my recovered son who BH had mild symptoms. I started having tightness and burning in my chest and was terrified to go to sleep at night. I would tell myself that I had to do teshuva in case it was my time to go. I was so scared of going to the hospital that I toughed it out at home with a pulse oximeter that I got from hatzalah. Since then, the beginning of April and now it’s the beginning of July, I am only NOW feeling more normal. Everytime I thought I was better i would be exhausted again from doing too much. Then I developed something called costochondritis which is an inflammation of the upper chest. I’m still on medication for that although it’s definitely improving BH. Other than this mageifa I am healthy 61 years young, but I’m not sure I’ll ever fully recover emotionally or physically. I’m worn out….


    The one thing we are 100% certain about in relation to the virus is that we DON”T KNOW very much about its long-term effects and the high level of symptomatic variability as compared to prior viral epidemics. Your case appears to have some of the longer term, secondary complications but not necessarily all. The good news is that initial data shows these effects gradually go away but the timelines again are highly case-specific.
    You should have a refuah shelamah, sooner rather than later.

    be healthy

    Be 100 percent off white flour and sugar and any food that has a mother. Drink a lot of hot drinks and water. You will be a new person. Tried it and it worked. Eats whole grains, nuts, beans, fruits and vegetables.


    I read these articles articles and examples all the time, and studies as well. I think what you are experiencing must be pretty common. An Israeli study said 50% of people don’t fully recover, but by how much I’m not sure, I didn’t get far into it.
    I want to call your doctors names, but I will not. You know what gives me anxiety? That I get the disease, and have issues, and I have unlearned doctors that know less than me. I’ve already read about a few of them via CBS. That’s a pandemic in itself as well.


    Have you tried exercise?


    Yes! Didn’t test positive but couldn’t get a test for the first few weeks of symptoms and now 93 days into these crazy symptoms. There is a “long haulers” support group on slack, many of us have had shortness of breath, chest pains, severe fatigue, brain fog, arthritic symptoms, neuro symptoms (pins and needles, numbness, headaches etc) and elevated heart rate, dizziness etc.

    You can see some related articles here:

    Links removed
    There are also a couple of groups if you’re on FB, look up “Long Haul Covid” or “Post Covid Syndrome Support”.

    Hang in there, you’re not crazy, the medical world needs to catch up!!


    Bh my somewhat young and slim husband altho having been on vent a few weeks and secondary infections , he seems back to himself except for his voice. That’s taking time to return. Altho for some interesting reason, he no longer snores lol


    Unfortunately the people here are right. Many people have lingering symptoms. What I would do if I were you was to try natural remedies such as zinc, vitamin D, borscht, coconut water and potassium rich food and healthy food. Too much exercise may actually not be ok at this point since your body is really still sick. I would go to an alternative health doctor who is know to be truthful and helpful and not a quack and I would follow their protocol. WIsning you and others a refuah shelaima! Please come back and share if you have something that actually helped you.


    yes i agree with the above poster. try to take beets in whatever form you can tolerate. it will help with glutothione and get your body on the mend . IYH


    Too much exercise may actually not be ok at this point since your body is really still sick.

    “Too much” exercise can be harmful regardless of your fitness level. If you’re recovering from a serious illness or injury, naturally you should check with a medical professional regarding exercise.

    My personal experience has been that a reasonable amount of exercise, along with proper diet and adequate rest, is the best way of preventing and alleviating the bulk of physical aliments. And the older you are, the more benefit you get from exercise.

    Prayer and Torah study helps too 🙂


    Unfortunately the medical world is all to quick to diagnose anxiety when they see something they don’t understand. My own child was suffering from post infectious autoimmune encephalitis (the first antibody was for this was only discovered in 2007) but neurologist and doctors who were not aware of the illness misdiagnosed him as having anxiety etc. Even with physical decline and clear symptoms of nuerological illness. Bh we have finally found tge right path and treated by a mainstream neurologist and hospital who specialize in this area. Don’t give up and don’t give in to the uneducated who happen to have medical degrees. It is quite possible you have inflammation in both your lungs and brain. If you do a search you will see thefe are neurological side effects of COVID. It is also possible that a decrease in oxygen supply from. Inflammed lungs is starving yoir brain of o2. Please use a pulse oximeter to check your levels through out the day. In addition I know people who tested positive for corona yet still produced no antibodies. There are multiple possible reasonsfor the lack of antibodies. 1. Your.body could have used antibod9es from previous coronaviruses to fight it 2. The scientists only discovered this antibody its possible other as yet discovered antibodies were created. Scientists are still discovering new antibodies for ae and other autoimmine illnesses . 3. Your body could have used killer t class to fight the infection. In regards to recovery I have learned that when the doctors don’t know how to help you must not give up and at times must look elsewhere. Research functional.medicine doctors they look at the whole body and make sure it’s functioning at optimum capacity. I know it sounds crazy but I’ve seen miracles with the use of essential oils such as
    frankincense (Levana from the kitores) it is very anti-inflammatory and one man in Israel swears he’s helped numerous corona paitients with it. It is very anti-inflammatory you can start by finding a high quality one (Google do Terra or young living) try rubbing a few drops on your chest three times a day and see if it helps.

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