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    Shlishi, I think it’s safe to assume that you don’t have a television. I don’t think I’m out of order coming to that conclusion. So, in all likelihood you don’t know that if I click the “Guide” button it will tell me specifically which events will be on, and when. So it’s actually far easier than one would think to avoid what one wishes to avoid.

    Again, I’m in no way saying that someone who doesn’t watch tv should now feel that it’s ok. And I’m not saying someone against the Olympics should now watch it. But, I just want you to know that avoiding things is easier than it was before things went a bit higher tech.

    Since things have been rather serious today, I just wanted to mention I had a bit of a laugh while typing this when I saw shlishi’s member title considering the topics of these threads… Not meaning anything badly at all, it was just a light moment.

    Goodnight to all.


    The Modern olympics have nothing to do with A”Z. While its true the ancient olympics were actually some sort of service to it.

    I personally am not following it as I dont really care for the sports in it. I am a sports fan, but not a fan of all sports and I do think the IOC is a bunch of Anti-Semites and I dont need to support such an organization.

    None of the victims of the Munich Massacare were religious and I think they participated in the opening ceremony on shabbos and one of the victims (A fencing coach I think) was actually married to a Shiksa, But HE DIED A JEW and he was killed because he was jewish.

    And while I did not see Aly Raisman I did hear about what she did and it was a Kiddush Hashem and may be one of the biggest ones ever since it was on such a large platform (I doubt many Kiddish Hashem occured in front of over 1 Billion People)



    “Because I NEVER said which events I watch, or which I feel comfortable watching, or – for that matter – which I would consider to be over the line.

    I mentioned owning a television, and that I watch the Olympics. That was all.

    So, it’s funny that I’m being attacked for the horrible sin of watching “non tzanua” women on TV when I haven’t said that I do.”

    Wow, I’m quite confused. I asked you, and I quote “after 120, will you also be comfortable saying that you watched non-tzanua women atthe olympics even though it’s against the Torah to do so?”

    And then you replied, and I quote: “Absolutely”.

    Care to explain the discrepancy?


    You asked if I’d feel comfortable saying that. I said absolutely.

    You can also ask me various other hypothetical questions and I’ll choose whether to answer those as well.

    See, what you don’t get is that my entire “after 120” statement was intended to show that I find one’s behavior towards others to be more important than watching things on TV. I thought most people were clear on that, but my goodness was I mistaken. It’s ok, it happens to everyone. As we all know, intent is not easily transmitted on the internet.

    So I will lay it out more clearly so my intention will hopefully be more clear.

    I’d prefer to stand after 120 and state that I watched something on television, or that I didn’t wear a hat, or that my shirt wasn’t the proper color rather than stand after 120 and say that I judged, mocked and insulted my fellow Jews just because they aren’t exactly like me.

    I apologize to all the readers here if my statement in my initial post and in my first reply did not come out as I intended.

    Good Shabbos to all.

    frummy in the tummy

    Concerned, very well stated. I completely agree. (GO USA!)

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