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    I need lyrics for all the Midos Machine songs for an activity I’m working on for camp.

    If anybody can help by adding songs, I would greatly appreciate it!

    SOME of the songs I’m looking for:

    – Jealousy song

    – Zrizus song

    – Nekoma song

    – Don’t be a Shlump

    – The teshuva song

    – Mr. Gaiva

    – Kiddush Hashem song



    No. Posting the lyrics would be a copyright violation. (Although singing them isn’t)


    since when are lyrics copyrighted?


    Khc: You forgot the most important song. And posting lyrics not for personal profit shouldn’t be illegal in any way.


    since when are lyrics copyrighted?

    17 U.S.C.

    In general

    (a) Copyright protection subsists, in accordance with this title, in original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression, now known or later developed, from which they can be perceived, reproduced, or otherwise communicated, either directly or with the aid of a machine or device. Works of authorship include the following categories:

    (1) literary works;

    (2) musical works, including any accompanying words;

    (3) dramatic works, including any accompanying music;

    (4) pantomimes and choreographic works;

    (5) pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works;

    (6) motion pictures and other audiovisual works;

    (7) sound recordings; and

    (8) architectural works.

    (b) In no case does copyright protection for an original work of authorship extend to any idea, procedure, process, system, method of operation, concept, principle, or discovery, regardless of the form in which it is described, explained, illustrated, or embodied in such work

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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