Anyone here into details of tomorrow's Royal Wedding?

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    Edward VIII (the king who abdicated) was a Nazi Sympathizer and had Hitler been able to conquer England, he would have been put back on the thrown.

    He was removed from kingship because of this (Not because of Wallis Warfield Simpson – that was just an excuse)

    Considering the fact that Edward abdicated in 1936, before the British Government (which, if you remember correctly, still thought as late as 1938 that peace with the Nazis was possible), I doubt that to be the case.

    Nonetheless, it is true that Edward *was* unpopular and unliked. It is true that even his own father (George V) thought he was unfit for the throne. That he did have Nazi sympathies certainly didn’t help his case any.

    Nonetheless, divorce was still a serious subject back then. Even if he had not been unpopular, he could not have ruled with Wallis Simpson as his wife. Saying that his choice of bride was a pretext to getting rid of him is a gross simplification — especially since of the three options he was given by Stanley Baldwin (give up the marriage, marry and risk the government or abdicate), at least one (and maybe two) would have allowed him to keep the throne.

    The Wolf


    The British Monarchy is of German descent.


    seriously i couldnt give 3 hoots about this wedding……chances are it wont last…..


    Stuffed, chances are it wont last…..

    If youre that confident, place a bet on it (if its Halachically allowed). Although I hope those who bet on it do better than the woman who bet $10,000 on the specific crown this bride would choose, and lost. Poor woman. ;(

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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