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    In Brooklyn or Manhattan

    Quality of work


    Good hands


    I know the dental quadrifecta is rare, but I’m hopeful!


    I use Dr. Zyskind-she’s very nice & she’s very good. I’ve been using her for a few yrs. now & I’m pretty satisfied w/ her work so far. Her place is in Brooklyn on Nostrand Ave. bet. N & O. Her place is called Dentique.


    Edward Farkas, DDS

    1482 Ocean Pkwy

    Brooklyn, NY 11230

    He’s an outstanding person and has been our family dentist for years. He’s brilliant, professional, and has a heart of gold. Many Rabbonim and important people go to him; he’s always available to all of his patients, and really cares. Highly recommended.


    Alan Harrison, DDS

    8635 21st Ave Apt 1C

    Brooklyn, NY 11214

    He’s been our family dentist for the past few years now. I highly recommend him.

    Abba bar Aristotle

    Marc Sadowsky DDS

    1134 E 29th St

    Brooklyn, NY 11210

    (718) 258-2462


    +1 on Dr. Sadowsky.


    Anyone know a good contractor?

    YW Moderator-42



    19 White Street, Porter Square

    Cambridge, MA 02140

    I like the fact that it’s on White Street because I want my teeth to be white – not yellow like our president who went to university near here.


    Are white teeth reason enough to travel from Brooklyn or Manhattan all the way to Cambridge just to see the dentist?


    That seems very silly. We have top cosmetic dentists here in NYC. A Columbia or NYU dentist is just as good as a Harvard or Tufts dentist.

    YW Moderator-42

    No. But getting away from Brooklyn and Manhattan is a good reason to go to Cambridge or Vegas.


    The only thing I like about the Boston area is the houses. They’re charming, historical, and beautiful, but probably cost an arm and a leg. Although for a cheap Chinatown bus ride, going to Boston can be a fun day trip.


    YW Moderator, the President didn’t go to Cambridge, he went to Harvard. And no amount of dental care can remove the taint of a liberal institution that supports Arabs and Gays and hires kofrim like Allen Dershovicz.

    YW Moderator-42

    The houses actually cost an arm, a leg, and a few teeth which is why you need a good dentist ^_^

    And I didn’t say that the Presidentt went to Cambridge I I said he went to University near Cambridge – an area which includes Harvard, MIT, BU, Brandeis, etc. The University of New Hampshire can even be called “near Cambridge” depending on how near you call near. Outside of NY, you can be more than daled amos away and be considered “near”.


    I thought Cambridge was a college in England. Turns out it is also a city in the US. Who knew?

    Oh Shreck!

    I once recommended a Dr. Hertz (hurts) on Ocean Avenue. He’s an oral surgeon too.


    I thought Cambridge was a college in England. Turns out it is also a city in the US.

    My guess is they called the college in England after the city here, because the city here has MIT.


    RD, the Chinese buses have been shut down by the Department of Transportation. Something about their safety and maintenance.


    “The only thing I like about the Boston area is the houses. They’re charming, historical, and beautiful, but probably cost an arm and a leg. “

    Well, if you prefer to pay an arm and a leg in New York to live in a little box of an apartment that you will never own, that’s your prerogative. Personally, if I’m going to spend an arm and a leg on housing, I want to get something out of it (equity, a backyard, a place to park, a house with character, space for a guest room and storage, etc.).

    Or you could live someplace that has affordable housing AND the above mentioned perks, such as Dallas, Memphis, Atlanta, Milwaukee, or Denver.


    Dr. Tuvia Zinman 718-300-9693

    Quentin and West 6th (really close to Kings Highway and W. 6)

    He is amazing! I just had a root canal done and felt absolutely no pain, not even for a minute. His shot doesn’t even hurt… at all! He is very caring, patient, and really calms you down if you are the nervous type. In other words, he cares, and I trust my family’s teeth to him. For the person that used to avoid all dentists before I met him, I can tell you that I highly recommend him!


    From the above suggestions, I’m between farkas and zinman- need someone good for

    A dentophobe…

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