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    Unfortunately in this day and age other than the most frum websites it is impossible to go on a website and not see pictures of untzniusdig women. My question is, is there some way to selectively block images or something? For example I would like to use eBay but many times you open the home page and there’s pictures of untznius women there and I don’t want to see them. Is there some program or something I can do to protect myself yet still use sites like eBay?


    unfortunately u cant pick and choose which pix to block! in the goyish velt pix of a swimsuit are not pritzus! the only way to do is to block ALL images from a certain site, something which u dont wanna do on ebay

    basket of radishes

    Fix your internet exporer settings. It will totally minimize any skin images you may happen upon.


    Rabbi Gershon

    Thanks for the reply. Its so upsetting that every non Jewish website has to have Prust pictures on the main page.

    Basket of Radishes

    by non Jews a picture of a woman in a swimsuit is “child appropriate” a frum male isn’t allowed to look at that…


    Your best bet will be to use no script found here: it’s open source so it’s free. the idea is that it will “disable” java JavaScript and Flash on websites. I use it it works great. the disable can be permanent, temporary or targeted not to work on specific sites like YWN ect…


    wiy: If you get a free firefox addon called Addblock Plus you can block almost all advertisements which is where most of the pictures you’re trying to avoid are.


    bor – is there a way to do that in firefox?

    Bar Shattya

    with adblock plus you can right click on ANY image, even non-ads and block only that image or all images on that site


    I believe Opera has a setting that remembers which pictures you don’t like. I made a script for InternetExplorer that when you right-click on an image and click on ‘Toss Image’, the picture disappears. If you’re interested I can post the code here with instructions. A practical advice is to keep the window small when you know you are going to such a site.

    YW Moderator-42

    Use the add-on AdBlockPlus in Firefox and FlashBlock. They will get rid of most. To get rid of all images use ImgLikeOpera. You can set filters in ImgLikeOpera to load pictures from sites like YW


    There are many ways of doing it and I can keep writing for hours about it but I’m using cell phone for now so annoying to type.

    For firefox use adblock, besides for blocking all ads it lets you block any picture or you might want to block the whole directory. then I suggest blocking promo dir not just july.jpg image.

    For internet explorer use IE7pro.

    Generally when going to ebay or any clothing store online search google and for a specific category like ebay computers an go to that specific category. Or start typing in your browser and go to suggested previously visited page instead of front page.


    adblock blocks images not just ads, after install right click on any bad picture and you can block it or block the whole directory where that image is located.

    for ie use ie7pro.

    generally don’t go to front page of any clothing store, search google for a sub category and go there.


    Block images and speed up your Google Chrome browser

    1. Open Google Chrome browser.


    if you use Internet Explorer As your web browser and you wish to block all images, pictures, ads, etc. from your screen, you can do this as follows:

    1. Click on Tools.

    2. Click on Internet Options.

    3. Click the Advanced tap (top right).

    5. Click Apply or Okay.

    6. Press the refresh button on your browser window.

    If you need to see a kosher image, you can simply go back and check the “show

    pictures” button.


    This will not only stop images from loading but increase the speed that pages download.

    Member has a commercial solution — with it’s filter system, it detects human skin in images, and repaints it to a different color, e.g. black.

    Dr. Seuss

    Is black skin less bad than white skin?


    Firefox has an add-on called, “image show-hide.” With one press of a button, it hides ALL the images on that page. If the button is pressed again, the images all reappear. It is very helpful when you suddenly encounter a page with bad pictures; you can quickly hit that button and save your neshama.


    Use the K9 filter. its at guard your eyes . com.


    Yes, we save the k9 password.

    and the email associated to your k9 can be our email.

    coming soon a new website for guard your eyes . com all about filter, reporting and monitoring for the internet


    “Anyone know about computers and blocking images?”


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