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    I am desperate to lose weight and tried it all. I am considering the HCG DIET. I need advice from those that know about it or know people that did it. Thank you.


    It sounds ridiculous and dangerous. You are messing with your body’s hormonal balance. There may (or may not) be a desired side effect of weight loss but there will also be others.

    Habit changing – healthy eating, small food portions and exercise – are the [only?] things that work. It takes more effort and willpower than injections, but is longer lasting.

    I know that weight losing isn’t easy. Hatzlocho!

    [as a start, change your name to carrots123 :)]


    Set up a situation, where your only options are raw or sprouted foods. If you are truly “locked into it” for about a month, and you can continue it as a large part of your diet, you will see results. Hatslocho and refua.


    if ur looking for a fast way to drop 10 lbs i would say try atkins, people think u are depriving urself but really ur not and there are carbs in almost everything so ur not totally avoiding it your just cutting back….before my wedding i did it, but i also worked out….join lucielle roberts they have great classes included in their membership like zumba and kick boxing that really give u a work out!!


    The only good diet is a full change of eating habits. It is a long, arduous route and any of the quick loss diets will not work ultimately because you gain the weight back. Slow and steady is the only way. The drawback is that you need lots of patience and it doesn’t show right away but it will after a few weeks- and you will learn to be healthier ! You might try to become a vegetarian- it is a good start to eating differently.


    i’ve tried more diets than i can count including atkins. any diet that does not include well balanced meals and exercise are not diets you can stick to indefinetly.

    eating as much steak or butter as i want to is not a way to live.

    i am now on a diet once again and am doing it my way.

    i am not eating bread or pasta or rice or potatoes. i am eating lots of green veggies as well as carrots and tomatoes. i am eating either fish or poultry or cottage cheese and yogurt. i eat the broccoli and veggie pancakes/souffles from the freezer sections that have proper hashgacha and decent calorie count.

    i have 3 servings of fruit (melons, citrus fruits) daily and make sure to exercise as well. for a snack i have sugar free ices, jello or ice cream. this isnt easy eitehr but at least i am not dependent on shakes or specialized diet foods from doctors offices.its been about a month now and i think im doing pretty well. best part is i am not drooling if i see a grain of rice or elbow macaroni. if i choose to have a pc of challah friday night and/or shabbos it does not ruin the diet either.


    try south beach.


    Speaking from experience – Go to a nutritionist. I went to one and lost 35 lbs in 3 1/2 months. They know what works and what doesn’t. They are trained professionals that make sure your body is getting what it needs while at the same time, losing weight. It’s only (slightly) difficult the first couple of weeks, once you see the weight dropping, that is motivation to keep it up. + you are more likely to keep it off when you are done.


    I have a friend that did this diet and lost a pound a day for 5 weeks – 35 pounds total. He told me that it can only be done for several weeks at a time, then a few months before you can do it again. He said that he had almost no appetite on the 500 calorie a day diet. He said that he feels fine now.

    I have been losing about 1.5 pounds a week on the “hunger feels good” diet (I made up that name). Just eat less and when you feel hungry know that it means a sense of accomplishment. After a while you will get used to – and like – the hunger.


    The healthiest diet I have ever been on is South Beach. A high protein, low carb (not NO carb) diet, with lots of vegetables and complex carbohydrates, plus healthy fat (i.e. olive oil), and plenty of water, is a good way to watch your weight. The plus side besides losing, it’s good for your heart and cholesterol, as well as your sugar levels.

    HCG is a hormone in pregnant women’s urine. Do you REALLY want to eat something like that?

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