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    So this has been bothering me since the Frankfurters left Mishpacha – not a single editor has been added to their roster, yet their product has not only continued on it’s previous path, IMHO, it has gotten a lot more professional, exciting, and polished. Is it really possible to run an entire magazine on a bare-bones staff of three editors (according to their masthead)?

    not I

    This goes to show NO ONE is irreplacable!


    Of course it’s possible.


    1 Good scheduler (sets deadlines for article submission, layout, printing)

    1 Editor to check submissions for errors

    1 Editor to determine whether the articles meet the corporate quality standards

    7 Professional authors who understand the corporate quality standards.

    The Mishpacha editors have done loads of research and understand their clientele. This enables them to consistently improve and offer quality to their loyal readers. Mishpacha readers expect in-depth and balanced reporting, articles that enable the readers to draw their own lesson instead of being missionized, and articles written in straightforward ENGLISH as opposed to legalese or Yeshivishese!!


    I have no idea if I’m right but check the masthead, if there is one, over the past however long; I suspect the Frankfurters haven’t been on it for a while while they working on AMI. So it’s not like everything’s going to happen these last three or four weeks.


    Of course Mishpacha got new staff members. They got someone Friedman for the Family First editor, they got a new recipe columnist…we dont know what else and who else works behind the scenes…


    Der Dokter:

    By mir ess men ein Frankfurter. Ah Frankfurter is ah Frankfurter nisht an Editor!!

    Ben Levi

    They have gotten a temporary editor and they are in the process of integrating their new Editor


    Interesting post, I am amazed how they manage to pull it off week after week, always interesting and deep.

    Whats cool is they didn’t miss a single week despite the fact that the editor left on a dime, they just kept marching on. There were all kinds of rumors back then, but they seem quite ok.


    I highly doubt that their masthead includes the entire editorial staff, normally only members of the editorial board are included.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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