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    Just Another Yid

    I wanted to know why there are people on the planet that defend Cortez’s disgusting use of terms… her logic is that she only used the dictionary definition, but we all know what she was trying to say! this is ridiculous!


    She makes outrageous, provocatve statements to stay in the news. Just ignore her.


    I believe she fully understands what the German concentration camps were like, and is deliberately defaming President Trump in accordance with the Democratic Party’s stated program of “resistance” the allows false and vicious accusations, relying on overly liberal American laws that make it very hard for a public figure to sue even over obvious falsehoods. Falsely stating that Trump is murdering thousands of Hispanics is all “fair” to Democrats who believe that getting rid of Trump “trumps” truthfulness. Unfortuately, there are many Americans quite willing to believe any lie they hear about Trump.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Inb4 the liberal CR posters defend her.


    Her language was inexcusable.

    Instead of showing ourselves as a Ohr Lagoyim and showing how our Torah shows respect for every human being, people are more concerned about the Jewish Nation’s Registered Trademark on the words concentration camp .

    There are many US migrant detention centers , in some of them the conditions are appalling.
    There is a Texas facility meant for 125 people holding over 900.
    24 immigrants have died in ICE custody under Trump , at least 7 of them children.
    There are “missing children” – separated from their parents. ( Similar to the sefardim in EY.)

    Her words are indefensible, but her point is on the mark.


    She takes refuge in her audacity.

    The little I know


    You are completely wrong. The conditions in these places are indeed deplorable. They were built to accommodate a limited number of people. No one asked any of them to enter our country. We have zero obligation to them. Yes, zero. Anything we provide is more than obligated. But we do it anyway. The fundamental difference that AOC and her ilk are unable to comprehend is that the concentration camps were filled by forcing Jews into them. They entered reluctantly, and often at gunpoint. There was no volition involved, only coercion. The border is being violated by people who are not being forced to do so, and we do not want them. If these places were filled to their intended capacity, they would not be showered with luxuries, but there would be little to complain about.

    The comparison is so off base that it leaves me wondering how someone with so little intellect could get elected to political office. And the oilem goilem of the DemocRatic buys into her stupidity.

    MABA – Make Alexandria Bartend Again.


    AOC and also Ilhan Omar and Linda Sarsour backing her…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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