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    I apologize for going way too far in my harsh response to SJS on the aptly named Not So Smart Comments thread.

    Basically, I had myself banned from another “frum” forum because the modern and OTD contingent was ruling the roost there, and I even know of someone who was helped in his decision to go off by reading the dialogue there.

    So, I “go kanoi” when I see someone trying to even remotely argue for the mundaneness of supposedly natural occurrences against the Torah view which is that the very fact that, for instance, I can sit in Ukraine and send messages to a server in the US via electric impulses, is a ness even if it looks mundane.

    Then, I felt very insulted when SJS, who was arguing such positions on another thread where I hope I successfully countered them, called me down for what was indeed a quarter of a post, made during the business day when I could not finish it.

    However, after reading some of SJS’s posts, I feel I went very far in calling them borderline kefira as I do not think she (am I correct??) is here to spread kefira. On the other hand I will not hesitate to argue with and attempt to beat down posts which I feel are dangerous because they could lead someone who is questioning to get the wrong answer and therefore go off. But I will not attack posters again; that is not derachecho darchei noam.


    Itzik, I accept (and appreciate) your apology!

    I did NOT mean to attack you about your half statement. I have seen plenty of people on this board think its ok to be rude/mean as long as they are an anonymous poster. I apologize to you for you feeling attached by what I said.

    Yes I am a she. And no, I am not here to spread any sort of kefira. I have no problem with anyone arguing with me on any point, so long as its done respectfully.

    I just want to clarify my position on science (and I hope this is clear):

    I 100% believe that Hashem is behind EVERYTHING in the world. I also think that Hashem established a lot of miracles into basic science. I think learning about HOW science works is unbelievable and complex and shows how amazing Hashem is. When science is proven wrong, it doesnt make me lose faith in the Torah at all because I realize that Hashem controls everything. So even if science proves something, if it goes against the Torah, I don’t question the Torah, I question the science behind it. I hope this clears it up.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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