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    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    If anyone has ever been hurt by anything I have ever written in the Coffee Room, I want you to know that I feel very badly about it, and I sincerely apologize. This is with the exception of any case in which I was obligated to say what I said according to Halacha.
    In that case, I still feel very badly that you were hurt and I wish I hadn’t had to say something that hurt you, but I am not allowed to apologize, unless I could have give the same thing over in a way in which you would not have been hurt.

    If it has ever happened that you were hurt by anything I wrote, please be assured that it was definitely not intentional. It may have resulted from a misunderstanding regarding the meaning or intention of my words. It may have resulted from poor wording on my part.

    I do try very hard to make sure that my posts are phrased in such a way that no one could misunderstand and be hurt by anything I write. But I am not always good at expressing myself, and it is very possible that there have been times when I phrased something in a way that hurt someone and that was assur according to Halacha. So if that has ever happened, I am really sorry.

    If it has ever happened to you, PLEASE let me know so that I can be “mefayes” (appease), and or explain what I meant if there was a misunderstanding.

    If anyone thinks that anything that I have ever posted was assur either because of onaas devarim or loshon hara or Chillul Hashem (chalila), or something else, please let me know, so that I can ask a sheilah, try to rectify matters, and/or have the post deleted.

    It has happened before that posters brought such a matter to my attention, and I asked a sheilah, and found out that I had posted something assur, so I really appreciate their having done so.

    And I would appreciate it again (as long as it’s done sensitively).

    Thank you very much!

    And again, I am really sorry if anyone was ever hurt by anything I wrote!

    G’mar Chasima Tova to one and all!


    G’mar Chasima Tova to you LU and all! Amen 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Thanks LB! G’mar Chasima Tova to you! And thanks for all your good words!!

    ☕️coffee addict

    Mochel loch (or is it lecha)

    I choose not to go into details, not interested in bringing the whole thing back to the light even if it was a misunderstanding but it showed in myself that I needed a breather from the CR if I was hurt by someone I didn’t know

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Thanks so much CA for giving me the opportunity to clear that up! And if anyone else has ever been upset by anything I wrote, please let me know. Thanks!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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