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    I’m looking for a recipe for Pastrami Rugalech. I had them at a Simcha and they were really good. I want to make them for Shabbos (this week) If anyone has a recipe please post it ASAP. Thanx!

    Afterwards I think this could be a very helpful Thread. Any & all Flieshig appetizers. If you are looking for something specific or if you have a great recipe, Please post them here…

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    if you get the recipe, please send a few to the 72-family for approving this thread


    I do not have the recipe you asked for. BUT – try taking a Mazor Puff Pastry dough square, spread some good mustard over it almost to the edges, place some pastrami pieces over that, and starting from a corner end, begin rolling it up tightly, seal the end and then slightly curve the finished roll up into a crescent shape. Then bake until puffed and golden. You could also do an egg wash over it and sprinkle sesame seeds on top before baking.


    i don’t know if it is this recipe but the haimishe simcha book has a recipe where you use the pastry squares – put mustard and duck sauce on the dough, put pastrami from middle to one corner, and thinly sliced chicken cutlet from opposite middle to opposit corner – role two clean corners towards middle so you have a ‘blintz’ like roll with two open corners – egg/sesame seeds, bake with duck sauce @ 350 for about 30 mins. = i like to make these in miniature, by buying mini pastry squares.

    You can adapt to pastrami rugelach –

    Hope this helps


    72- Thanx for approving the thread. My guests & I all appreciate it. If you send me your address I will BL”N personally deliver them (depending where you are, it might not happen ’till after Shabbos)

    seeallsides -I think that’s close. When I had them they seemed like puff pastry with pastrami rolled up but also a little sweet- I wasn’t sure if it was duck sauce or apricot jelly (I know there is not much difference & I could have just experimented, but now I know) & I wasn’t sure what else was in them. Is there really an egg wash or just duck sauce spread on top?


    If anyone else has a recipe I’m still open to suggestions.


    Turkey Pastrami Roll


    1 puff pastry

    1/2 lb sliced turkey breast

    1/2 lb sliced pastrami

    6 ounces Dijonnaise mustard


    1-Defrost puff pastry until semi-frozen.

    2-Unfold& roll out until slightly thinner.

    3-Spread half of the dijonnaise over pastry sheet.

    4-Layer turkey& pastrami, then spread the remainder of dijonnaise.

    5-Roll up the pastry sheet jellyroll fashion.

    6-Place on aluminum foil sprayed with Pam.

    7-Bake, uncovered for 40 minutes at 350 degrees.

    8-slice on the diagonal.


    pretty close to my recipe idea, and the addition of the duck sauce is a great idea.


    Well, I made them…I cut Mazor puff pastry squares (small ones) in half spread them w/ a mix of duck sauce and mustard and added a slice of pastrami. Then I rolled them up, spread a little more of the sauce mix on top and sprinkled them w/ sesame seeds. They came out great. Thanx to all for their help!!!!!

    Now does anyone have any other good fleishig appetizers?


    I really want to try these.


    tiny sweet and sour meatballs on rice and/or on a creampuff

    pepper steak on rice

    triangle pastry kreplach filled with chopped meat mixture eggwash/sesame seeds w/mushroom sauce

    black and white chopmeat rollat w/mushroom sauce

    pastry flowers / filled w/chopped meat or w/ potato knish mixture w/mushroom sauce

    won ton dough case filled w/caesar salad w/pastrami or chicken

    if you want any of above recipes let me know


    Yep! I want ’em all, seeallsides.


    tiny sweet and sour meatballs on rice and/or on a creampuff

    Chopped Meat Mixture

    1 lbchopped meat

    2 eggs

    1 T salt

    1/2 t pepper

    1/2 t garlic

    1 med onion-grated

    1 cup bread crumbs

    (measurements can be adjusted to taste and feel)

    i roll them into tiny balls and deepfry the balls for a minute or two (depending on


    Then take them out of oil with a spatula and put in baking pan with about

    1 cup ketchup

    3/4 cup brown sugar

    1 t pepper

    1 t salt

    bake @ 350 for about 1 hour

    serve on bed of rice

    (1 cup rice – 2 cups water, 1 t salt, bring to boil, cover and let steam till ready)

    or creampuffs

    1 cup water

    1/2 cup margarine

    1/4 teaspoon salt

    1 cup sifted all-purpose flour

    4 large eggs, beaten

    pepper steak

    slice 1 large onions and fry until soft –

    add 1 lb of pepper steak and continue frying until meat gets soft (about 5 mins)

    add 1/2 cup of wine

    2 T garlic

    1 T salt

    1 t pepper

    tad soy sauce

    add 1 cup water and let simmer

    triangle pastry kreplach

    make the chopped meat mixture (above) – and make large sized balls, which you will flatten and fry for about two minutes – then take a pastry square, place flattened meat into center and bring opposite corners together so that you get a triangle. Seal the triangle with fork tines, so that you get a pretty edging. Place on cookie sheet, eggwash, sesame seed, bake @350 for about 25 min-1/2 hr until dough is light golden (underbake, so that you can warm up on yom tov).

    mushroom sauce

    fry 3 diced onions, add 1 can of mushrooms, add 2 T onion soup mix, 2 cups water

    add tiny pinches of flour to thicken.

    black and white chopmeat rollat

    make chop meat mixture with dark chop meat

    repeat chop meat mixture with whith chop meat (chicken)

    flatten dark meat on large square of parchment paper so that it is about 1/2″ thick

    flatten white meat on top of dark meat

    roll into ‘rollat’ (you can only do about 2 1/2 swirls)

    bake roll at 350 for 35 mins

    freeze or refrigerate / cut slices when cold / warm up slices laying flat (covered) so they don’t get messed up.

    serve w/mushroom sauces –

    won ton dough case –

    buy won ton dough squares

    heat oil in wok or deep large frying pan.

    if you have the tools for deep frying shapes use those two make ‘cases’

    if not – then take 5″ inch round foil pan, spray w/pam – shape dough onto pan and put into very hot oil until shape takes, and then take out the pan, and finish frying.

    caesar salad –

    2 package euro salad – 1 package grape tomatoes – sliced pastrami- or sliced thin chicken cutlets – slivered almonds (optional)


    1 cup mayonnaise 1/4 cup sugar

    1/4 cup vinegar 1/3 cup water

    3 cloves garlic, crushed 1/8 tsp. white pepper

    1 t honey (optional)

    Good Luck!

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    I cook more by site than by measurement, when I bake I follow measurements. so my question for seeallsides is when you use the capital “T” I assume you mean Tablespoon and the lower case “t” means teaspoon – Correct?


    right T-Tablespoon t-teaspoon

    I also cook by feel – so i tried my best with the measurements but i did say they can

    be adjusted by taste.


    oh – i forgot one – the pastry flowers

    take large pastry square

    fill side to side towrads top of square – w/ chop meat or potato knish middle (mashed potatoes/friedonions/salt/pepper)

    roll pastry square around the filling so that you have a pipe with the filling in middle.

    bring the two edges of the pipe together so that you have a circle.

    make about 7 slits around the circle- each slit should be halfway (lil more)towards middle at about 1″ (lil less) intervals

    (hope u get the idea w/o picture – it’s kind of like spokes in a wheel- but don’t cut all the way to the middle so that it is still attached)

    eggwash – sesame seeds, and bake @ 350

    the pasty will puff, and you will have a nice flower

    serve w/mushroom sauce underneath.


    two adjustments as i read my long recipe list –

    pepper steak – i forgot to say add long thin slices of pepper – use 1 green pepper –

    add to fried onions after they get soft and fry till soft.

    won ton dough – when shaping onto the foil pan, leave the corners out so that you have a bowl with corners extending

    I. M. Here

    instead of using pastry dough (for those health conscious people out there) how about rolling pastrami (using mayo/dijon mustard) in chicken cutlets and covering it with duck sauce. It’s actually really good this way.

    I. M. Here

    I forgot to add in my previous post, use a toothpick to hold the chicken and deli together. Enjoy!

    Participant – how do you get the chicken cutlet thin enough to roll?


    seaallsides- Thanx for all your recipes. They sound great. Could you please explain the flowers one more time, I totally don’t get what you’re saying and the idea sounds beautiful…

    I. M. Here

    pound it, or cut it in half- not down the middle but through the chicken.


    lakewoodwife – it’s hard to explain

    your dough is a rectangle (you really only need 3/4 of the presquared -if you want to save dough) (long side is a-b, and d-c)

    b c

    a d

    put filling at from a and d – all across

    roll a & d over filling (kind of like a blintz/pipe)

    now you have a blintz/pipe

    bring d to a and seal together so that the blintz becomes a closed circle/wheel.

    make your slits from the outside edge towards the middle of the circle without cutting through (around 7 slits all around, about 5/8″ apart from each other)

    hope you get it – maybe if i make them – i will take a picture and post it….

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