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    wow i thought i could come onto ywn coffee room to post my opinions.. i thought it would be an open site for everyone just to talk from their heart.. OH BOY WAS I WRONG! you think that just b/c you have a screen name and no one knows who you are.. that your words arent hurtful? i hope that each and every one of you doesnt really talk that way to ppl. im prob not the first and not the last to feel this way.. i just really want you all to know how affective your words are.. thank you and this is the last time i will be posting on ywn! do you feel accomplished now? dont go thinking that im a crybaby etc.. you just dont know how affective ur words can be.. and jsut b/c your identity is hiding behind the screen name doesnt make it any less hurtful! happy?!


    What in the world are you talking about?

    yossi z.

    What just happened? I think I missed something



    cocacola: Gut Voch.

    I’m sorry you feel hurt. Very sorry. Is there any particular post that hurt you? Was it one of my posts?

    Again, sorry you feel hurt


    Mind sitting down here with us over a cup of SWEET coffee? People aren’t innately bad. I tried them out. They were actually kind to me.




    Many times people cross the line of common courtesy and decency and most of the time we call them on it and try to exact an apology. In most cases, they come to their seichel and issue a real apology and life goes on. If you feel someone hurt you the best thing to do is to say so on that thread. BUT you should also read what you yourself wrote to make sure that you did not initiate the bad sentiments and be accountable and responsible for your own actions. You will get feedback either way so if YOU are culpable you will hear about it, if someone is being rude to you there will be feedback on that as well. There is no need to run away, the best thing is to stand up to a bully.


    Coke: Was it anything in particular that made you change ur mind?? I’m really sorry u feel hurt. Did you just join the CR? If you did, well, I did too, a short while ago. At first I was also getting offended when ppl dissagreed with me. I soon got used to the fact that ppl come here for a break and yes, their language is a bit loose. Don’t take it personally. Nobody meant to hurt you. And if it was me who hurt you, then I’m really sorry. But I think it would be nice if you would forgive us all. We’re not THAT bad, are we? Gut Voch! Good Luck!


    please let me know, anyone, if i hurt you – i definitely don’t want to hurt anyone on or off-line.


    im sorry, i meant to write at the begining that i am mochel everyone. however, i dont feel that one should keep putting themselves into a situations that makes them need to be mochel ppl constantly. so here i am for the last time saying “I AM MOCHEL EVERYONE!” however, i hope ppl took to heart what i said and wont talk the way they did to me to others. everyone has to remember that eventhough their screen name is hiding their identity from me, its not hiding it from Hashem, and He sees everything you write, therefore, you should be careful. averyone who replied so far, it wasnt you who made me want to leave ywn coffee room, but thanks for your responses.


    It’s so heartwarming to get to know such kind and passionate group of posters. ALL OF YOU. (it may end up ruubing off on me, that’s why I’m here)

    Pashuteh Yid

    Cocacola, really sorry to hear that someone upset you. We try our best to get people to apologize if they hurt someone. Most do. Do not know what thread this happened on.

    Look, they once started a thread about me to try to get me banned from YW. Most here are nice, and don’t want to hurt anybody.

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