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    Does anyone else find apple computers and phones and ipads and ipods and ipod touches and macs and ipad minis etc amazing?’or is it just me?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    If it were just you, you’d have to have bought a lot of Apple products for the company to be as big as it is.


    I am procuring apples this week to make my Charoses.


    that’s a lot of gig for Charoses


    Talmud:- That would be a lot of gig if we were solely utilizing lettuce for our Morror, but since we are solely utilizing horesraddish for our Morror, we require extremely high gig apples in our Charoses to douse the sharpness of the horseraddish Morror.


    I think that they only came out with one brilliant product, the iPod.

    all the other products are the same, either its bigger, or it has a phone. however its an iPod.

    I dont see the other products as innovative.


    innovative, nope. useful, yup.


    147- that makes sense. but make sure to check the apple for bugs before you put it into your Charoses. You also must use a filter.


    Talmud:- This year filtering won’t be a Halachic issue as Pesach is a Tuesday, unlike last year when Pesach was on a Shabbos whence filtering is Ossur.


    I agree. I think the iPod is what made them big in the first place.

    Btw I’ve brought heaps of products. Between my family of 8, over the past 4 yrs we have brought.

    4 computers

    5 laptops

    8 iPhones

    6 iPods

    7 iPod touches

    3 iPads

    1 ipad mini


    Why do people in your family need ipod touches as well as iphones.Ipod touches are basicly iphones minus the abilaty to make calls , and you can even do that through skype or a different app.

    basyechida nomore

    I personally find Android products to be more practical. And cheaper of course.


    What I meat, is that most of their products arent something ‘new’. its just a revised version of a different product.

    They stopped coming out with new product, they just change it, add a phone or change the size and its a new product.

    Other companies are jumping ahead and coming up with better and newer products.


    with all those gadgets i hope you have enough outlets for charging!


    the kids have ipod touches ie: 2 of my younger sibs. me and my parents and my older sis have iphones. it breaks you buy a new one. My parents need their ipads and computers and laptops for work. My older sis and younger bro and me need laptops for school. etc………… Btw. we never have enough chargers or outlets mewho.


    I am amazed that people still give the ipod touch to children. The devices have wifi capability and are near-impossible to filter. I thought the Asifa made that clear.

    I admit that some Apple products are nice but I don’t buy into the whole hype, like buying a new device as soon as it comes out


    ShalomToYou- you can block the wifi with a security code


    147: Rav Schachter says that putting apples in Charoses is a mistake. Tapuach in Nach and Gemara doesn’t mean apple. It means a citrus fruit. It’s a mistranslation. So put apples in if you like. But if you want to make proper Charoses (as some Rishonim hold there is an actual Mitzvah to use Charoses) you should make sure to also include a little something of a citrus fruit (squeezing in a few drops of Esrog juice will still make it taste fine).


    of course the kids dont have any internet access. Its blocked with a code that only my parents know.

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