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    I need a positive outlet after years of setbacks. I am publicly sharing my appreciation to KaKaddosh BaruchHu for the following:

    For saving me from death’s door.

    For healing me when I was very ill.

    For not letting us be destitute and ALWAYS providing a way for some parnassa to come to us even by seemingly strange or unexpected ways.

    For a wonderful, holy and fully supportive wife who does the work and duties of two people.

    For my children who have my love of Hashem and His Torah.

    Thanks for listening.

    a mamin

    Hakadush Baruch Hu should bestow on you endless brochos of yeshuas and refuahs!


    I had another setback yesterday and was moping around. I realized that that is the opposite of emunah and bitachon. I am so blessed by Hashem and I know everything is for the good.

    Yishtabach Shemo L’ad.

    i love coffe

    I am so happy for you that you are able to have that clarity in your eyes to see the positive and to always have bitachon in Hashem no matter what.

    May this be the cure to all of your setbacks by having bitachon in Hashem.

    May Hashem truly bless you and give you and your family yeshua!




    baruch Hashem – does this mean we should take your name off our tehilim lists?


    Well… hip is still broken and I am still in pain, so any tefilos would be appreciated.

    Think first

    Yehuda tzvi– beautiful is all I can say! May Hashem bless with health and wealth.


    yehuda tzvi, i find it so incredible that not only do you feel this way -grateful and so full of love to Hashem- after so many nisyonot, but that you take the time to post it here. you really give me chizuk, and i admire your beautiful approach to life and your lot. you are optimistic, share a closeness to Hashem, and fight your challenges in life with a superhuman effort; factors which are so impressive i wish i would be on such a high level


    yehuda tzvi, it is wonderful that you can focus on the positive and have true appreciation to G-d for everything. May things only go well for you, and continue inspiring us.

    Ken Zayn

    What do you think of this from the inspiring quotes thread:

    Inspiring Quotes

    Imagine how differently we would run our lives if we knew that we will only wake up tomorrow with the things that we had thanked Hashem for today…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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