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    Approaching 18 years to bus #361, Meron junction, massacre:
    Av 26, 5762, August 4, 2002:

    To Protect and To Serve: Policing in an Age of Terrorism, David Weisburd, Thomas Feucht, Idit Hakimi,2009,Social Science, p.183
    For example, in the year 2002 Israel was plagued by a wave of terrorism attacks, and … An Arab student from the village of Be’ana in the Galilee, Yasra Bakri, who was on the bus that same morning, was accused of failing to prevent the attack. During the course of the bus trip, Bakri was warned by the suicide bomber to get off before the imminent explosion. She and her friend got off the bus and did not report the possible commitment of a crime to any of the security agencies, including the police.

    American Jewish Year Book 2003, edited by David Singer, Lawrence Grossman, VNR AG, 2003, p.221

    Earlier, police had arrested  Yasra Bakri, who, with her friend Samiya Assedi, had gotten off the bus after the suicide bomber, when he got on, warned her that something bad was about to happen. 
    The two women, students at a college in Safed, left the bus 20 minutes before the blast took place without warning anyone else. Yasra Bakri was charged with failure to prevent a crime.

    Because radical Arab terror is racism
    Whether violent attacks connected to official Palestinian Authority, official  Hamas government in Gaza, the Islamic Jihad, etc.
    The racism element is always at Arab terror in Israel, and 20% of Israeli citizens (who are fully integrated in the only team democracy in the ME. Strong presence in Knesset) almost never targeted.

    On top of the religious intolerance as Jihad, there is that ethnic racial bigotry no doubt.

    This “explains” the rejlicing celebration in Arab-Islamic “Palestine” street after civilians are killed.

    Of course,  there is also, naionalism and “land” arguments to rationalize targeting civilians. It does not diminish the racism motive still.


    Thanks for this reminder. Of course the root of the “conflict” is intolerance which began mainly by ex Mufti’ in the 1920s.



    Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, June 13, 1967 p.9

    What Is Future Of Palestine Liberation Forces?
    BEIRUT, Lebanon.
    The Arab defeat in the Middle East war leaves a big question mark over the future of the Palestine Liberation Organization and its firebrand leader leftist Ahemd Shukairy.

    Shukairy narrowly escaped capture by Israeli forces in Jerusalem and many of his “Liberation Army” are now prisoners of the Israelis. “We will wipe Israel off the face of the map and no Jew will survive,” Shukairy declared two days before the war broke out June 5.
    He vowed to lead the vanguard of his troops into the Israeli sector of Jerusalem and set up a “purely Arab government” there for all of Palestine.

    The 60-year-old former lawyer was seen briefly in Amman and Damscus in the last stages of the fighting wearing a khaki battle uniform.
    Persons who saw him said he looked fatigued and dejected. His army of 15,000 guerrillas had moved into some of the Sinai and Gaza Strip positions evacuated by the U.N. Emergency force before the fighting began. Several thousand of them are believed to be in Is raeli hands with most of their arms and equipment.
    Most of the equipment for Shukairy’s force came from the Soviet bloc and Red China, and he boasted that he had the support of the Chinese leaders.
    Egypt and Syria gave him strong support, but Jordan and other pro-Western Arab countries objected to his ultra-leftist leanings and his campaign to overthrow King Hussein of Jordan.
    Jordan never allowed the Liberation Army to operate on its territory, which would have been the logical springboard for an attack on Israel. Last December, the Jordanian government ordered Shukairy to close his office in the Jordanian sector of Jerusalem. Shukairy and Hussein made up publicly when the king signed a defense alliance with Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, but the Israeli victory ended that..


    Daily alert, 2010-11-01 , 10:07:27

    The Open Racism of the Future State of Palestine

    (Scholars for Peace in the Middle East) Shmuel Trigano –

    When considering the possibility that an outside force could be given the responsibility of overseeing the implementation of a planned agreement with Israel in the West Bank, PA President Mahmoud Abbas told the Egyptian press in Cairo at the beginning of August: “I am ready to accept a third party which supervises the implementation of the agreement, NATO forces, for example, but I will not accept the presence of Jews in these forces or a [single] Israeli on the Land of Palestine.”

    There is a perfect coherence between this demand and the refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. The Palestinian Authority is building a racist regime based on the principle of establishing an apartheid between a Palestine untainted by Jewish blood and a mixed State of Israel.

    According to the draft constitution of the planned state, Palestine proper would be Arab and Islamic:
    “This constitution is based on the will of Palestinian-Arab people” (Article 1),
    “the Palestinian people are a part of the Arab and Islamic nation” (Article 2),
    “sovereignty belongs to the Palestinian Arab people” (Article 10),
    “the legal character of the Arab-Palestinian people will be embodied by the state” (Article 13),
    “Islam will be the official religion of the state” (Article 6).

    The writer, a fellow of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, is professor of the sociology of politics at Paris University.

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