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    “I don’t think that there’s a frum community where shorts are the norm.”

    Ever live in Hawaii? Rio? Puerto Rico? Vegas? Again, you seem to miss the point. Nobody said that wearing hawain shirt or shorts to davening is the ideal. It is not a violation of halacha though. Where you are standing in your yiddishkeit, you can make an issue out of it. Perhaps your fellow congregants are not at the same level of frumkeit and the rav chooses not to make an issue out of it. There are 612 more mitzvos besides tefilla that they must keep and I suspect the rav is laying low on this one or he will lose some people to all the rest. No matter how large the major southwest city may be, the jewish community probably pales in size to the jewish community you are likely used to and probably much more diverse. Nobody faults you for shorts not sitting well with you, on the other hand, I fault you for not putting yourself in the shoes of the people who wear the shorts, shirts or whatever else it is you are not happy with. You take davening in shul as a given, for all you know for them it is a major yetzer hara that they overcome just to show up.


    Again , shorts are not the norm, and I’m talking about people who are FFB, and “escape” to out ot town places to “loosen up”.

    Ben Torah

    apushutayid – In parts of Africa, walking in, essentially, a bathing suit all day is the norm. That doesn’t make that acceptable for a shul in those areas (even if one should open up there.)


    If you want to insist on wearing a “bekishe” on Shabbos, go for it. But please consider the feelings of others.

    By the way, would it be safe to assume you are not engaged in kiruv work? 🙂


    I didn’t say you had to wear appropriate dress to shul. I said while in shul. I know how hot it gets in Arizona. Just leave the jacket in shul. You want to walk to shul in shorts and a tank top , g’zunta heit, but in shul- appropriate, tznius dress is a minumum.

    As for the kiruv comment. I’m a baal t’shuva for many years now. I was as far off the derech as can be and I came back.I am extremely familiar with how difficult it is to become a baal t’shuva and have has much influence on people coming into the fold. My comments regarding dress are directed at people whose backgrounds are Orthodox, and drop the level of observance when they come to less frum environments.


    702 area code is Vegas. I may be way off base here, but I wonder if CB702 is really griping about people on vacation who show up to shul dressed in a way that they wouldnt dare when attending shul “in der heim”.


    Ben Torah,

    I rarely see anyone in a jacket during the weekday minyan. Personally, I never wear one even on Shabat and no rabbi has ever questioned this.


    CHAIMBERLIN702, fortunately, when I have wanted to daven while visiting Arizona (and therefore not having a jacket left in shul), I have been allowed to participate in the minyan.

    You can daven without a jacket, really.

    minyan gal

    Chamberlain:So you say that people can walk to shul in shorts and a tank top and change when they arrive. Where do you expect people to leave their appropriate clothing at the shul? Did you want the congregation to build a locker room?

Viewing 9 posts - 51 through 59 (of 59 total)
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