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    Anan Sahadi

    is there anything wrong with apps on flip phone. should flip phones be tagged, or do they present no risk?


    Many flip phones have a fully functional and unfiltered web browser. As well as numerous other apps that can access any number of sites and services.

    Yes, they must be filtered. And have various inappropriate apps permanently disabled.

    Once that is done, is would be tagged as kosher.


    @anan-sahadi Flip phones can run fully functioning web browsers and media sharing apps. So yes, they should be tagged.


    Every flip is different but many have the same exact abilities as a smart phone. Be careful.


    If you want kosher apps, go to Apps4flip . Com however depending on the phone, you may not be able to get those apps once your phone is tagged. Which model phone are we talking about?


    Rule #1 never ever buy a phone, thr government puts radiation distributing dilodes which is what is pumping our kids full of unhealthy hormones and turning the nation into a bunch of to”aivas

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Most people who put apps on their flip phones
    (And therefore don’t want to TAG it), simply
    remove the browser on way which it cannot be
    restored unless you delete everything on the phone.
    However there are many apps which are available to
    be put on flip phones which are just as bad, such as
    Telegram, you tube, Spotify and even Netflix. You
    have to be careful.


    For the latest and greatest, consider the new Samsung Galaxy Flip3. It is virtually indestructible and gives you easy access to hundreds of apps from glatt kosher to total treifus with multiple filtering options. And the 5G version is your for less than $1500…a bargain!


    The Samsung and Motorola flip phones are fully functional Android smartphones. No different than their regular Android phones.


    I don’t get you. The government doesn’t have time to put radiation into all these phones. And even if you think they do the government doesn’t make phones


    i have a flip phone and i finalyh figured out how they kasher it. they duplicate the oerating system and delete what they want and thats why you cant get around it


    I think its disgusting when bochurim take a flip phone and get tons of apps on it so its kemat a smartphone. If you are going to have a flip phone, that means you want to live a certain type of lifestyle with little distractions. I think its ok to have apps like waze or zmanim, because that is purely for functionality and cannot be missused. However, I think its terrible for somebody with a flip phone to download treif apps, such as whatsapp, or chas’ vshalom even instagram or tiktok. At that point, it is in essence a smartphone with all kinds of treife zachen, and the only reason the person didn’t get a smartphone is because it looks more frum to have a flipphone. This is a terrible issue.

    As a side point, I want to know what people think about the following svarah that I came up with about phones:
    If you have a smartphone and don’t really have a life with things to do, you at least won’t be bothering anybody,because you will spend your day just on your phone on games and all kinds of other apps (not saying thats ok, just the facts0 ; but if you have a flip phone and you have no life, you will be left with nothing to do but be that guy who calls everybody all the time and texts people things like “sup.” or “yo.” Thats really annoying to people who actually do things with their life.
    So please, if you have a dumbphone, do something with your life. Learn some gemara, go out with a friend, or play a game with someone in your family. Don’t text me “yo”
    What does the oilam think about that?

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    @shmili_oongar when a Bachur has a flip it is no indication whatsoever of what kind of person he is or what kind of lifestyle he wants to lead. Obviously for many it is, but those kind of bachurim are not the ones putting apps on their phones. Many bachurim would get a smartphone in a heartbeat if it would be socially acceptable, but since it isn’t, and they don’t want to get kicked out of yeshiva, this is sort of their way of ‘ hating the system’. They’re not just doing it to ‘look more frum’ they just aren’t interested in getting kicked out of yeshiva and branded as a ‘smartphone’ guy


    @Chai_18 that taka might be true I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about that tzad. Shkoyach.

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